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Cannabis: Deep Respect after Profound Neglect | Sunil Aggarwal | #SangamTalks

Third in the series of talks on Cannabis
Deep Respect after Profound Neglect — Cannabis-Assisted Connection, Meaning-making, and Peace: a Integrative and Social Health Perspective
Cannabis is a botanical revered in numerous religious traditions as an entheogen, or substance that can induce awe or inspiration, promote inner peace, heighten experience of the present moment, and aid in meditation to attune a partaker to a Higher Self consciousness. Those who may not be utilizing cannabis as part of any recognized religion may still be using it in a manner consistent with spiritual intents or pursuits. ‘Recreational’ use—literally, to ‘re-create’ or ‘renew’—may be better understood under the wider category of spiritual well-being related use, as pursuit of pleasure, happiness, and connection are all aspects of human spirituality. Similarly, medical use of Cannabis for fulfillment of hope in the face of existential threats to survival and life quality that illness presents integrally involves a spiritual health dimension, in addition to physical and mental ones. The talk provides evidence to support these claims and apply the findings to contemporary social conflicts in South Asia today and beyond.


Dr Sunil Aggarwal is MD, Ph.D. Physician-Geographer in Cannabinologic & Entheogenic Integrative Medicine Praxis. Board Certified Physiatrist, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Certified, He has been named among the Top 20 Emerging Leaders by the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He is also the Past President of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility; and a Co-Founder and Co-Director, AIMS Institute in Seattle, WA, USA.

0:00 Power statement- Cannabis in different cultures
2:45 Self introduction
5:12 India is the first in the world to get exposed to cannabis
7:20 Carl Sagan
16:05 Cannabis in various cultures
21:54 Socio-religious understanding through cannabis
26:54 Anandamide, CANNABIS as food of the gods – chemical, psychological, neurological understanding
28:10 Ability to reduce violence
29:04 1960’s – in the West, treaty to eliminate cannabis by 1980’s’
31:47Bolivia can be example for India
32:40 won’t legalizing it lead to addiction?
38:30 used as substitute in other substance addictions
40:45 Pharmacons are both healiing agents + poison , like cannabis
43:40 Psychedelics used by corporates, + spirituality as business , cannabis as commodity
52:00 ayahuasca- wine of the soul
56:50 foods that induce the same effect
1:06:27 helps in body pain + nerves, oxycodon, hydrocodon
1:13:16 In India, social and spiritual acceptance is ancient, then why banned?
1:22:46 Cannabis is blamed for schizophrenia- Why? Will it help with insomnia?
1:43:50 cannabis in different cultures
1:47:47 Marijuana paranoia management system in Canada

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