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Can hemp end the war between Russia and Ukraine? Probably not, as Russia’s claim to Ukrainian territory goes back centuries.

The war today is a result of multiple things.

One, poor Soviet policy from the 1960s gifted Russian-speaking regions to Ukraine. Which, at the time, didn’t matter because everyone was under the control of the Kremlin.

With the collapse of the USSR, Russia and Ukraine became two separate nations.

Being two separate nations wasn’t a problem since NATO agreed not to move its borders east.

Of course, they didn’t keep that promise. Instead of treating Ukraine as a buffer state, both Russia and NATO played political games.

(One can argue that NATO has been the aggressor, but considering that we’re dealing with monopolies of violence, I’ll concede that no one is right because the state itself is an illegitimate institution.)

Long story short, Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Whether it’s justified is up for debate, but it’s certainly not “unprovoked,” as the corporate press has been repeating.

Elon Musk tweeted out a sensible peace strategy. It recognizes what Russia is saying, but also that Ukraine is a sovereign country that Russia shouldn’t punish for the past decisions of Soviet politicians.

Of course, peace is not an option.

Musk was ridiculed and told to stay in his lane. “Foreign policy experts” have a handle on this, like they do with Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan.

But back to our question – can hemp end the war? Likely not, as, unlike when America goes to war, this isn’t over oil.

What is Russia Doing, Anyway? War is Not How You Take Over a Country

Russia is engaged in a 19th-century-style territorial dispute. Haven’t they learned from watching China or America? If you want to take over a country, it’s a simple process.

  1. You walk in with suits, pens, and briefcases, not with tanks, guns, and bombs.
  2. You offer the country’s leaders a huge loan. In exchange, your contractors will develop the country’s natural resources.
  3. The loan’s interest payments are so high that you’re legally justified in taking their resources as collateral on the debt. (This is legal, as defined by the IMF and World Bank. Institutions set up by the same actors offering the loan.)
  4. Ensure the country’s military dictator is well-funded because you don’t want the people revolting and taking back what’s rightfully theirs.

This process is how America took over the world after 1945. And now China is doing the same thing.

America tried to play this game in Ukraine. They almost succeeded. The democratically-elected pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in 2014 by Neo-Nazis funded by Western governments.

The current leader of Ukraine is an entertainer. Literally. He’s an actor. He’s a valuable propaganda tool for the West. Without Western technology, weapons, and money, Ukraine would have fallen months ago.

Ukraine is the proxy by which America is asserting its dominance over Russia. The end goal, of course, is to get a pro-Western leader installed as they did with Boris Yeltsin.

Then, they’ll set their eyes on China.

Because that’s what empires do. The power-hungry sociopaths running them are the ones who should be on the front lines of this war.

Does Hemp End the War? 

Consider what’s happening here. There are at least sides to this conflict.

One country where 60% of the population identifies as Christian. And a collection of countries promoting child mutilation in the name of “diversity.”

One country that, right or wrong, wants to restore its national boundaries to an earlier time. 

Or a collection of countries routinely undermining national sovereignty when it serves their interests. A system that devalues human life in the name of corporate profits and power. 

No state is justified. At its core, taxation is an act of aggression. Therefore, the real solution here isn’t a pro-Russian or pro-NATO one or even a compromise like Elon Musk suggested.

There’s only one real solution here: undermining the state as a credible and justified institution. And the restoration of human liberty and private property rights.

Can Hemp End the War?

So in that sense, yes, hemp can end the war. If not this war, then at least wars over oil and other energy sources.

Hemp is the most sustainable crop on the planet. It doesn’t require pesticides. It needs very little water. But most of all, it returns nutrients to the topsoil.

We only have so many remaining harvests until modern monocrop agriculture destroys our topsoil. If you think food prices are high now, wait until we literally can’t grow anything.

Hemp fixes that problem, as does grass-fed cattle farming.

The current global market for hemp already consists of more than 25,000 products. This includes textiles, automotive goods, furniture, food, beverages, paper, construction materials, agriculture, recycling, personal care, and many more.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what hemp can do. 

That’s fine for Westerners sick and tired of their “democratic” governments waging war in their name (with their money). 

But what about the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine? 

Does Cannabis Consumption End the War?

Can Hemp End the War?

I’ve said this before, and I mean it: somebody close to these “world leaders” must drug them. I’m talking hefty doses of the most potent LSD on the market.

Or, if it’s easier, a cannabis edible.

Anybody who consumes cannabis agrees – it’s enormously useful for introspection. You’ll come at an issue or a situation with a fresh set of eyes.

If you let the therapeutic properties of cannabis work their magic, you’ll be able to entertain thoughts you disagree with. You’ll walk away from the experience with a clearer understanding.

Of course, set and setting are important. If someone gives cannabis or LSD to Putin or Biden, it may make them even more paranoid and prone to irrationality.

So can cannabis or hemp end the war? Not on their own. But a free and fair market in hemp has enormous potential to undermine the corporate-state war machine.

But this requires people to think of themselves as sovereign individuals. Of putting their family and community first before pledging allegiance to the country or a sports team.

From “wear your mask” to “get the jab” to “I support Ukraine,” the idea of the free-thinking individual is out the window.

Too many people, stoners included, support the current thing. 

It’s like the cult of personality from old communist regimes. Instead of pictures of Stalin or Mao we have to worship, it’s 15-minutes of fame for whatever current issue the corporate press has decided is worthy of our time.

But it’s a distraction—a decoy to keep some very unpleasant people in power.



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