Spring is in full swing (unless you are in the Prairies or parts of Eastern Canada – It’s snowing) and the public health orders are almost non-existent… It’s about to get freaky out there. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some strange sex; here’s an obscure and unusual fetish crossword! 

Sinful Sex – Blasphemy Alert!

  • If the thought of going to hell is a turn-on, you have stygiophilia. People who have this fetish find themselves aroused by the thought of damnation, more so than the sex itself. Burning in hell is key to getting off. For some, the idea of being surrounded by flames or intense heat is enough to get the mood going. In many cases, stygiophiles express themselves by creating hell-sex artwork.  
  • Similar to stygiophilia, pecattipilia is described as feeling sexual arousal from a ‘sinful’ act. It could be sexual but doesn’t have to be. Doing anything that could be perceived as sin can be a turn-on for a stygiophile: for example, lying. Biblically sinful sex acts include engaging in lust, adultery, homosexuality, and sodomy.   

Sexy Bodies

  • Does getting or having body modifications turn you on? Surprise, surprise! If you get aroused by tattoos and piercings, you might have stigmatophilia. 
  • A person with psychrophilia gets turned on by feeling or seeing other people who feel cold. It’s all about the physical effects such as shivering, goosebumps, teeth chattering, and hard nipples.
  • Podophilia is more commonly known as a foot fetish.

Sexy Things

  • Don’t like people? Prefer plastic? Agalmatophilia is the fetish of having an attraction to inanimate figures; for example, mannequins and dolls.  
  • Have you ever gotten into whipped cream or chocolate sauce? How about an ice cube? That is sploshing. Sploshing is the erotic art of smearing food (usually messy) on naked skin. The foods can vary in tastes, textures, and temperature and eating it off of the person is common but not necessary. Click here to read Sploshing – A Fetish For Stoners

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