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Best WEED Delivery Services 2021


1. Improved access for patients

One of the major pros to cannabis delivery services is the ability to get cannabis to the people who need it most. For many patients with chronic illness, traveling to a dispensary and perusing the available medicines can be quite difficult.

Delivery allows more patients to access the types of cannabis they need. In states like Alaska, both recreational and medical patients in more remote regions can safely access cannabis and cannabis products more easily.

2. Less risk of intoxicated driving

Another major pro for weed delivery services? Delivering cannabis directly to the home limits the opportunity to spark up a joint right after leaving a dispensary.

While driving under the influence in cannabis is illegal throughout the United States, allowing delivery services limits the need for a greater number of people to travel with cannabis in their possession and possibly reduces the amount of canna-intoxicated driving around town.

3. Less risk of public consumption

Why bother sulking in an alleyway or finding a quiet spot to spark a jay if you can do so right in the comfort of your own home? Again, delivery eliminates the need for cannabis consumers to travel around with their flower and may possibly reduce the amount of public cannabis consumption after dispensary trips. With delivery, you’re already home.

4. More convenient for consumers

Shear convenience is another major perk of delivery services. Battling traffic, taking the time to wait in line, and making sure you arrive during business hours can be tiring for those with a tight schedule. Delivery allows you to call ahead or order online. Most services provide cannabis products within an hour.

5. Dispensaries allow you to smell and see cannabis before you buy

Though weed delivery services are awesome, there are a few major cons. With many online ordering services, consumers do not have the opportunity to see or smell the cannabis products they are purchasing. This can be a problem, since a delivery order can waste your time if their products are lower quality than expected or are not to your taste.

6. Dispensaries have more hands-on help

Sometimes, you may not be able to tell what kind of flower or product you want without speaking to a budtender. A budtender is able to give you hands-on help with picking out the right strain for your particular needs.

They can also tell you whether or not they have had a particularly good crop or if there is a new product worth trying. A lack of access to this hands-on help is a major con for delivery services.


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