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Best Vape Pens | 5 Top E-Cigs For 2022 – Under $/£30

Want some cheap e-cig inspo? How about the best vape pens for 2022?
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In this video, I discuss 5 of the best vape pens for 5 different needs. Whether it’s best for budget, best for clouds, best for beginners – these are all priced under £30 (30 Bucks) and do an excellent job.

Best Vape Pen Time Stamps:

Intro to vape pens – 0:25
Best Disposable Vape Pen – 0:55 (ELF Bar)
Best Vape Pen For Beginners – 1:35 (Innokin Jem Pen)
Most Reliable Vape Pen – 2:42 (Aspire Pockex)
Best Vape Pen For Cloud – 5:28 (Smok V2 Vape Pen)
Best Vape Pen All Round – 7:25 (Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit)

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What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a version of an e-cig that is shaped more like a pen. It’s longer and thinner than the big fat vape devices you see out and about or in some shops. These pens are popular with new users and are able to be carried around easily.

How do we pick these best vape pens?

As an independent review team, we have no allegiances to any brand. We had to pay for all the kits reviewed with our own money and had nothing donated. This means if we don’t like something we won’t stock it. That’s why you can trust our reviews on these best vape pens.

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