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Best Rated Dispensaries in Worcester, MA


There’s no shortage of great dispensaries to visit in Massachusetts counties like Worcester, which is home to dozens of recreational and medical cannabis providers. MA residents have been enjoying medical cannabis since 2012, and adult-use cannabis since 2016. And the entire state is seeing a spike in access to legal weed.

To save you the trouble of scouring reviews for the best dispo to fit your needs, we dug into the Leafly user data to identify the best-rated recreational and medical providers around all of Worcester County. Keep scrolling and let this Leafly List direct you straight to the best premium flower, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures available in your area.

Highest-rated recreational dispensaries in Worcester

Adult-use sales are booming in Worcester, contributing to the estimated $817 million in legal weed revenue MA officials counted in 2021. Whether you choose your dispensary by price, location, or quality, we have the details you need to sort through Worcester County’s best dispensaries. Dive in below for an in-depth look at Worcester dispensary reviews and data from real Leafly shoppers.

16 Pearson Rd.Gardner, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6 star rating out of 457 dispensary reviews

If you want to be sure that you’re getting a premium experience in a Worcester County dispensary, Sanctuary is you best bet. The interior is beautiful and the products are on point with an emphasis on lab testing, this place truly is a… sanctuary. Something we liked about Sanctuary is that accept various forms of payment including cash, debit cards and credit cards (with a pin number). Yes, cash is not the only form of payment accepted. “This place is the best around. I have been going here for years now,” says one regular reviewer on Leafly. who says they would recommend this dispo to anyone, especially his fellow veterans. “They give you a 40 % discount… Every Time,” according to this reviewer. Another shopper says, that Sanctuary provides a “good experience,” and a “helpful knowledgeable staff.”

645 Park Ave.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 38 dispensary reviews

Leafly reviewers can’t get enough of this Worcester Co. dispensary located right in the city of Worcester. You can pre-order for fast pick up and they have various payment methods. Similar to Sanctuary, you can use debit card, but Mayflower also offers CanPay so you don’t have to run to the ATM. “The people are always nice and plenty helpful,” testifies one reviewer, adding that great prices and selection are also standard.” If you want a consistently pleasant experience that comes with MA’s best bud, give Mayflower a visit and let us know what you think in the reviews!

1 Buxton St.Millville, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.9 star rating out of 15 dispensary reviews

Garden Wonders Cannabis is a independently owned dispensary offering an array of local cultivators and showcase staff picks. Worcester County cannaseurs call this dispo “a must visit,” guaranteeing that “you won’t be disappointed.” The atmosphere is highly-appreciated by shoppers who say, “The people are always nice and plenty helpful. Great prices, and usually a great selection.

199 Main St.Blackstone, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 10 dispensary reviews

Here’s what one happy customer had to say about their visit to the Blackstone Valley of dank.

“What a beautiful store! And it’s huge! They’re definitely poised for future growth (no pun intended).”

The reviewer adds that the dispo has “a friendly and knowledgeable staff” that was “able to point me in the right direction for just the strain I needed,” along with alternatives. Blackstone Valley Cannabis prides their selves on a selection of quality products at reasonable prices sold by knowledgeable employees. What more could you ask for.


Best Rated Dispensaries in Massachusetts

199 Main St.Blackstone, MA

4.5 star rating out of 10 dispensary reviews

One of Worcester’s best-rated recreational shops is Buds N Roses. The low key location overachieves when it comes time to help adult use shoppers secure the finest flower in the entire county. Leafly reviewers were charmed by the “personal, one on one feel” provided by budtenders.

“Some of the other dispensaries are a complete sensory overload, with 15 sales happening all at the same time,” says a recent customer who always feels welcomed to the jungle of weed jars and neon lights at Buds N Roses. The people of Worcester are saying this dispo has a “super friendly and helpful” atmosphere, a great location, and great deals on concentrates and flower that have won them loyal customers county-wide.

640 Lincoln St.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 64 dispensary reviews

Take it from verified Leafly shoppers and reviewers: Mission is a required stop if you need great smoke in a convenient location. Located right in the beautiful city of Worcester, this dispo is building quite a reputation among local shoppers.

“I’ve been to almost all the dispensaries in Mass. and this is the best place so far, hands down,” says one Leafly reviewer who says staff is “polite and professional.” Another shopper loves their “easy process” for shopping and checking out, and raves about their selection, “including the best from other growers in the State,” all at a reasonable price.

425 Main St.Oxford, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 190 dispensary reviews

Curaleaf has plenty of perks to make your visit easier such as ample on-site parking, an over flow lot with a complimentary shuttle, and CanPay incase you don’t have cash on you. Beyond their amenities, veteran dispensary visitors are saying that Curaleaf in Worcester has “some of the best customer service at any dispensary” around. That includes “great products,” consistent inventory, and “always fast, great deals.”

70 Worcester Rd.Southbridge, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐5.0 star rating out of 5 dispensary reviews

Feel at home whenever you enter Green Meadows, which provides a charming atmosphere, welcoming staff, and beautiful storefront.

“This place is like walking into my living room,” says one Leafly reviewer who says the staff feel “like family… I’m always supper overwhelmed when I walk in but, then (they) come on over and help me relax.”

Another reviewer says, “walking in the door I felt like I was walking into a high-end specialty shop. The lobby area is beautiful and inviting but the sales area REALLY shines. It is very spacious, clean, well set-up, and well stocked with awesome products.”

The cherry on top will be the first class service you get from their expert team of budtenders. “The staff was very knowledgeable about all the products and accessories that they carry,” says a happy shopper. “I had alot of questions but they took the time to answer them without me feeling rushed or stupid.”

64 Mill St.Webster, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 41 dispensary reviews

The Vault’s knowledgeable staff is a great place for consumers of all different experience levels and for the price conscious. They do weekly price matching where they keep a pulse on the local market and adjust prices accordingly to ensure you’re getting the best value. If you’re an early bird, they also have an option you, where you can place an online order at 6am and pick it up in store by 8:30am (excluding Sundays).

1 Lloyd St.Blackstone, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 64 dispensary reviews

Veteran dispensary visitors are saying DDM Cannabis is one of the best around Worcester County, and possible the entire East Coast. “I’ve been to almost all the dispensaries in Mass. and this is the best place so far, hands down,” said one shopper who added that the establishment is “polite and professional.”

65 Pullman St.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5.0 star rating out of 3 dispensary reviews

The Botanist really embraces their name with their beautiful interior décor and consumers can’t get enough. This stunning new storefront will seduce your eyes while their incredible product selection (check out their own private label choices) grabs your nostrils. By the time you leave The Botanist, you will be raving about the selection and deals for medical patients to anyone who will listen.

Highest-rated medical dispensaries in Chicago

There is no shortage of wonderful medical dispensaries in Massachusetts counties like Worcester. Worcester has become a hotbed for medical patients who have come to expect excellent products, services, and atmosphere from every dispo they enter.

Rt. 9 WestSouthborough, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 213

Medical patients in MA have come to expect some of the best service in the world thanks to the relatively long history and wide selection of dispos available. Even with the flood of competition, Leafly reviewers are saying Commonwealth Cannabis Co. is, “hands down the best medical dispensary I have frequented. dispensary reviews.”

Another shopper adds: “This place is the best! The staff is super friendly & knowledge, and they always have a great selection! CommCan is my new go-to dispensary! (& they have great deals!!!)”

1191 Millbury St.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.9 star rating out of 39

Here’s what Leafly reviewers are saying about Resinate:

“This is by far the best medical dispensary in Massachusetts. There quality which is outstanding, there prices outstanding, and their staff is outstanding.”

“My taste buds are sharp. I’ve traveled to at least 10 dispensaries some places the weed dosent taste or smell like weed. some places have good weed but also not so good weed…and that might make you settle or not even want to go .. maybe just leave bad impressions.”

“The potency of the flower is truly phenomenal.. There loyalty program for med patients is the best out there!”

“The store has customers in it every time I’ve been there and they have delivery for medical patients. What’s that tell you…. Great staff and facility. Plenty of off street parking. This is the dispensary that I judge the others against.”

243 Main St.Athol, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 9

Whether you prefer flower, edibles, concentrates, Elev8 has the tools to take you to the next level. The multi-state operators have national experience and have left their mark by placing customer service above everything.

“Not only do they have a great product, you can really tell they care about your experience with the products they sell,” said one customer. The shop’s goal is to treat every customer like gold, so those who desire excellent service should bookmark this as one of their primary options.

1764 Main St.Leicester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.3star rating out of 525

“Hands down the best medical dispensary I have frequented,” says one Leafly shopper. From the awesome staff & excellent customer service, to the convenient location in Leicester, you will hold this dispo close to your heart. Small details like the parking lot and cleanliness go a long way, but the true test of a dispensary is the dank, and Cultivate passes every dank test with flying colors.

774 Crawford St.Fitchburg, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 12

AMP is a medical and recreational dispensary that is conveniently located across from the Fitchburg Municipal Airport. Their bright, minimalistic storefront really allows patients to focus on the product selection and offers.

Here’s what real Leafly shoppers are saying about AMP:

“Every staff member is extremely helpful and professional. I shop here bi weekly and have never had a problem or a bad experience. Thank you for keeping me happy and stoned! ✌🏻”

“Let me first say this dispensary is gorgeous! Secondly they had some unique strains from THC that I haven’t been able to find around me. The staff was so friendly I felt like family. I’m excited for their flower to be ready!”

Other location: AMP – Fitchburg Medical

74 Grafton St.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.4 star rating out of 31

Diem is all about seizing the day with their quality selection of local products. This dispensary chain will blow you away with its lovely aesthetic and atmosphere. But it’s incredible staff and selection that will keep you coming back, even if it’s out of your way. “Let me first say this dispensary is gorgeous,” exclaimed one shopper before adding, “secondly they had some unique strains from THC that I haven’t been able to find around me.”

You will find that “every staff member is extremely helpful and professional,” like one shopper who visits bi-weekly and has never had a bad experience.

Other location: AMP – Fitchburg Medical

46 Worcester Rd.Charlton, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 30

Green Gold started in 2018 and has been community focused ever since. A medical dispensary that works with local partners and values industry wide cannabis regulations to ensure you get safe access to your medicine.

Here’s what real Leafly shoppers are saying about Green Gold:

“Outstanding place to shop. Budtenders are great and have great knowledge of there products. The flower is 5 stars and concentrates are🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“Probably one of the best looking dispensaries I have seen in Massachusetts. I am a caregiver for a patient and decided to try this place out.”

“Super amazing customer service and the flower was on point! Even though I live an hour away, I will definitely be back!!”

Honorable dispensary mentions in Worcester


425 Main St. – Oxford, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 190

The dispensary with our honorable mention in the Worcester area serves as both a medical and recreational dispensary. We’re proud to recognize Curaleaf of Oxford as an exceptional dispensary in both categories.

Curaleaf goes above and beyond to provide an atmosphere and selection that keeps both recreational and medical customers happy. Some unique features of the experience at Curaleaf include:

  • Both medical and recreational product offerings for shoppers
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Serving: Dudley, Southbridge, Millbury, Shrewsbury, Sutton, East Brookfield, Grafton, Worcester, Northbridge, Sturbridge, Auburn, and everywhere else within MA state lines!

Selection criteria for highly-rated dispensaries in Worcester

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Worcester County, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in Worcester. This list also uses quality indicators, like customer reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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