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Best LA marijuana dispensaries for packing a superb bowl


California’s very own cyberpunk dystopia, Los Angeles, takes center stage for the NFL Finals (are we even allowed to say a Super Bowl?) Sunday, Feb. 13. Almost 100 million people will be watching the event at SoFi Stadium.

With Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre slated for half-time, the Big Game offers a global moment for LA’s cannabis culture to shine. 

‘But where, exactly, does one obtain these state-legal marijuanas?’ in the City of Angels you might ask. Maybe you’re one of the 70,240 people coming to the game. Maybe you’re one of the 29 million to 50 million tourists expected in LA this year.

Either way, here are the all-star pot shops for packing the most superb bowls.

It’s 2022—adults age 21 and up with ID can get legal weed delivered to their door like a pizza anywhere in LA, and get on with their life. Skip the traffic. Order online, pay with a debit/credit card or cash, and sometimes it arrives in as little as 30 minutes. Here are three great services that won’t fumble your order:


Eaze delivers bud faster than the pizza guy drops pie. (David Downs/Leafly)
Eaze delivers bud faster than the pizza guy drops pie. (David Downs/Leafly)

Eaze also competes to get you weed faster than a pizza. Of their 197 flower products, check out the Foxy brand Garlic Cake, Pacific Stone ounces of Blue Dream, or Wedding Cake.


Emjay has 707 products on tap like Fiore Bugatti for top-shelf zaza, or budget Pacific Stone Wedding Cake. They’ll try to get it to you in 30 minutes with coverage across greater LA.


Cookies Gary Payton. (David Downs/Leafly)
Cookies Gary Payton. (David Downs/Leafly)

Amuse will deliver weed the same day you order—across LA. They have 173 pre-roll products, making game day simple. Go with the Jeeter brand 5-packs of minis, Cookies Gary Payton sungrown, or Ridgeline Runtz.

See also:

  • Budee with 560 products ready to roll;
  • or Budz Deli with 808 products.


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Best dispensaries close to LAX and SoFi Stadium

Los Angeles isn’t a place—it’s 200 places separated by terrible traffic day or night. Plenty of people land at LAX, stay on the west side where the game is, and never go downtown. When it’s first and goal, here are three great retail shops ready to receive your order and run with it.

Gorilla Rx

GorillaRx Wellness Co (Courtesy GorillaRx Wellness)
GorillaRx Wellness Co (Courtesy GorillaRx Wellness)
Clouds with clout: Alien Labs cartridges. (Courtesy Alien Labs)
Clouds with clout: Alien Labs cartridges. (Courtesy Alien Labs)

Buy legal, Black, and on-point at Gorilla Rx super-close to the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. The new store has 767 menu items, and we’d scoop the Xeno cart from Alien Labs, that Raw Garden Kimbo Cookie Dough to blow on the go. For flowers, the Cannbiotix Thicc Mint on the top shelf, and the Elyon Fatso at the low end. This week only, GorillaRx also sells Valentine’s Day flower bouquets to pair with the fire tree.

Medmen LAX

Medmen LAX. (Courtesy Medmen)
Medmen LAX. (Courtesy Medmen)
gelonade marijuana strain
Connected Gelonade for the win. (David Downs/Leafly)

Retail is about location, location, location—MedMen LAX next to the airport soars. Imagine going from some legalization backwater like Cincinnati to 172 items on the flower menu alone. Get the: Fig Farms Government Lemon; Connected Gelonade; or Georgia Pie from Farmer and the Felon.

Flower and Leaf

Source tested, named flowers listed on Leafly—not trap shop poison—at licensed stores including Flower and Leaf. For exotics, get the THC Design brand Gelatti Cake. Old-school? UpNorth Silver Haze for the silver-haired. Budget? Flower and Leaf brand Wedding Cake or GG#4.

See also close to the game:

  • LAXCC for the Wyld Gummies and Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Pax pods;
  • LA Cannabis Co for the Wonderbrett pre-rolls;
  • Erba Markets on Pico, and Venice;
  • and The Pottery for CANN drinks, and KIVA chocolates.
The Pottery on Venice Blvd. (Courtesy The Pottery)
The Pottery on Venice Blvd. (Courtesy The Pottery)

Best Hollywood area dispensaries

An hour inland from the beach—Hollywood’s the number one destination for LA tourists. That’s cool because it’s got some world-class cannabis retail. Do your end zone celebration on TikTok at these spots after scoring their elite green.

Lemonnade Melrose

Lemonnade Melrose's interior. (David Downs/Leafly)
Lemonnade Melrose’s interior. (David Downs/Leafly)

This chic boutique Lemonnade has OG Kush Josh D Motorbreath, or Gelato Cake from Mad Cow.

Sweet Flower Melrose

Sweet Flower looks sweeet. (Courtesy Sweet Flower)
Sweet Flower looks sweeet. (Courtesy Sweet Flower)

Sweet Flower has about 80 different flowers alone, including Seth Rogan’s Houseplant line.

Serra LA

Fancy pants cannabis in LA. (Courtesy Serra)
Fancy pants cannabis in LA. (Courtesy Serra)

Portlandia gets hotter and sweatier at Serra’s California outlet. A Golden State Lava Flower makes the cut. So does Talking Trees brand Zmasherz.

See also:

(Courtesy of SHERBINSKIS)

There’s, of course, much more to explore in our guides to Downtown LA, and beyond.

Good luck out there in the concrete jungle!

Los Angeles legal marijuana FAQ

Even Snoop Dogg and Poo Bear bring an open mind to the Wonderbrett cannabis store grand opening on July 8, 2021 in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Wonderbrett)
Snoop Dogg and Poo Bear check the tree at Wonderbrett off Melrose. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Wonderbrett)

Is weed legal in LA?

Yes voters legalized it in 2016 for adults 21+, legal sales began in 2018, and the LA Metro area has hundreds of licensed stores and delivery services.

How do I buy legal weed in LA?

Don’t use Google Maps, which lists illegal retailers. Use Leafly, which only lists licensed outlets. You can order right from there. Expect to pay in cash, and have valid identification. Many offer online ordering. Use Leafly Pickup for speed and convenience.

Where do I buy legal weed in LA?

From licensed stores and delivery services listed on Leafly. Stores are open 7 days a week. Delivery services will drive to you during business hours.

Who can buy legal weed in LA?

Anyone age 21 or over with valid ID and cash. That includes tens of millions of annual tourists.

Why should I buy legal weed in LA?

Legal weed is lab-tested for mold, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The illicit market is not, and is often contaminated, lab tests show.

How do I tell illegal stores from legal ones in LA?

Legal stores have a license number from the city and state, and a QR code in the window. They’re also listed on Leafly. Watch out, because there are still hundreds of illegal shops in LA, and city leaders have not shut them down for good.

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