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Best CBD Products at the Texas Hemp Convention + Why I Won't Smoke CBD

John from takes you on a field trip to the 2020 Texas Hemp Convention, in Dallas, TX which is advertised as the World’s Largest Hemp Convention. John will share with you the best finished CBD products as well as products that will allow you to grow better hemp plants.

In this episode, John will share with the following products that he feels are most valuable to people who want to grow hemp or cannabis (or even vegetables)

07:10 CBD Product Warning
14:48 Haygood Farms – Hemp Grower CBD Products
24:48 Botana – Dual Extraction CBD Products
31:59 Shakti Seeds – Sells HEMP CBD seeds
36:23 Biochar Now – Superior quality Biochar
41:39 Wildroot Organics – Mycorrhizal Innoculates Highly Concentred –
52:45 AgriOzein – Highly Ozonated Water to prevent disease in plants
1:00:27 Soil Secrets – Specially Processed Carbon to put in your soil for better growth
1:03:45 Trichome Institute – dispelling the myths about cannabis and hemp
1:07:48 Summary of my experience at Texas Hemp Convention

After watching this episode you will learn about these products as well as learn a thing or two about CBD products and products that will allow you to grow the best hemp plants.

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