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Best CBD for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD – One Year on CBD REVIEW

This video shares the best CBD oil and dosage for combating anxiety, depression and ADHD issues. I’ve been using CBD for over a year, and I wanted to share the highest grade, most effective one i’ve found. CBD is known to raise serotonin (and dopamine!) levels, which massively combats depression – especially if caused by seasonal depressive disorder (SDD). Watch my video to hear how I found CBD, why I started using it, how much I take, some of the benefits of it (there are MANY), how it helps with my ADD/ADHD and overthinking anxiety that I get (especially social anxiety). I also share how CBD helped with pain, inflammation and healing recently when I got my wisdom teeth removed!

My Favorite CBD Products:

CBD Oil Peppermint (Great starter)-

CBD OIL Mint (dose) :

CBD Strawberry Oil (Amazing Taste) :

CBD Gummies (Yes VEGAN! No gelatin in this!)

Bath Bombs (amazing – super relaxing):

DNA Test: (is a mutation causing your symptoms?)

CBD for Skin care and pain relief (hemp cream): (reduce inflammation, skin care)

Let me know in the comments if YOU have ever tried CBD and what your thoughts are. Also does anyone else have a MTHFR mutation AND think that abbreviation is quite funny?

Join TeamADHD: – if you are looking for more advice on mental focus, clarity, overcoming anxiety etc. let’s connect, I will send new info and advice for what works for me!


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