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Best Business Opportunities In The Cannabis Market In 2022


With the recent growing legalization of cannabis world-wide, greater opportunities for business are here to capitalize on. Three of the most opportunistic trends when it comes to the cannabis markets are: cannabis beverages, products for health, and an interest in the different compounds of cannabis. We believe these to be the best business opportunities in the cannabis market from 2022 onwards.

Cannabis Beverages See Increasing Popularity In The Cannabis Market

In the past, Coca-Cola had shown a strong interest in created a cannabis infused Coca-Cola drink. Since this news, many retailers have been creating cannabis infused beverages to get ahead of the market. An article posted on, expects that the cannabis beverage market will reach $2 billion US by 2026.

There are already many cannabis infused beverages in the market that are unheard of such as coffee, or vodka. But many of these drinks have gone completely under the radar.

This is because they either lack the marketing, or that they’re simply one ingredient mixed with another(ex. cannabis oil and sugar) and offer no additional benefits.

For example, combining the benefits of cannabis and something beneficial such as an energy drink, could be what people want, instead of simple sugary drink.

Think about the popular combination of l-theanine and caffeine, which increases focus and attention while neutralizing the anxiety effects of caffeine. Combining the calming effects of THC, the focus effects of CBD, and the energizing effect of caffeine creates similar results.

Additionally, creating the same product, but, with only CBD, but add in pre-workout ingredients, and market it as a gym pre-workout drink could see popularity with athletes.

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There are two concepts to think about when developing products to get ahead of competitors in the cannabis industry.

First, think about a product that provides additional, or synergistic, benefits with cannabis compounds.

Secondly, think about the marketing of the product, which can include creative branding for a new product line. Have each product differ in benefits or ingredients.

A recent example of good branding is Jones Soda and their new line of cannabis infused soda going by the name of “Mary Jones.” A very creative play on the slang for marijuana, “Mary Jane.”

The opportunity for cannabis beverages is still here and growing, as many businesses believe that cannabis beverages are the future. Unless your brand is well-known, such as Jones Soda, creating a cannabis beverage that actually benefits consumers could be what makes your product successful.

There Is A Growing Interest In Cannabis Health Products

Heath benefits are one of the interests that consistently brings people to research cannabis products. This will forever be a staple of the cannabis market, due to the health benefits of cannabis.

However, there aren’t many known brands to go to for health reasons when it comes to cannabis products. People usually end up buying the cheapest cannabis oil and another supplement, such as melatonin, and combining the two to get what they want.

Instead of having people to buy two different health supplements, simply create a single product that combines the two.

Combinations for anxiety could look like ashwagandha infused with CBD oil.

A cannabis supplement to enhance sex life could be a combination of maca root, l-citrulline, and cannabis oil.

Cannabis infused products featuring nootropics, which is a growing popularity these days, could see massive demand from college students, artists, and professionals that rely on creative thinking.

Inflammation combinations could sell very well, as cannabis is very effective for inflammation. Omega-3 fish oils infused with cannabis oil could be an example of this.

Developing products that cater to health issues is one of the best business opportunities in the cannabis market for years to come.

CBN, CBG, and THCV (“AltCannabinoids”) Could Be The Future

While THC and CBD are very well known in the cannabis industry, the other cannabinoids of marijuana haven’t been featured as much in the cannabis market.

CBN, CBG, and CBC, all have distinct and unique benefits from that of THC and CBD. However there aren’t many products that feature these cannabinoids due to how much harder it is to extract in volume.

CBN, cannabinol, has benefits such as reversing bone loss caused by osteoarthritis, or relieving pain due to its analgesic properties. Though what makes this cannabinoid popular is that it’s far more effective when dealing with sleep issues compared to CBD. There are many who even compare the sleep benefits to the pharmaceutical anti-anxiety sleep drug, valium.

CBG, cannabigerol, has very unique benefits that include effectively treating glaucoma, preventing nerve damage from Huntington’s disease, preventing the growth of cancer cells, and strong antibacterial effects that can defend against Staphylococcus aureus.

THCV, tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a major cannabinoid rarely talked about. However, it’s known for being able to reduce appetite by blocking the CB1 receptor, which stimulates appetite. This is beneficial when in combination with energy drinks or developing a health product based on supporting weight loss.

Utilizing and marketing these unique cannabinoids is a business opportunity still not as explored as THC and CBD products. These cannabinoids may be the future of the cannabis market. Similar to how there’s different generations of iPhones, CBN, CBG, and THCV may be the next generation of popular cannabinoids to take over the cannabis industry.

Business Opportunities Equals Innovation And Marketing

As legalization opens up and cannabis becomes decriminalized all over the world, the cannabis industry will continue to grow.

The best business opportunities in the cannabis market comes down to how well you can innovate, market, and how your business can benefit others.

We are losing time, the world is becoming more digitalized, we want things to happen instantly, with the click of a button. Think about how you can solve our issues.

For this problem, perhaps, pre-rolled cannabis joints are the future. As the sales of cannabis flower is on decline, people don’t want to roll their own joints anymore.

Think about how you can innovate this idea. Including sugar in pre-rolled joints, and creating a product line with each product marketed for a unique flavor could be what people want.

Imagine whipping out a pre-rolled relaxing joint of marijuana and the sweet warm taste of cappuccino right after work.

People want things that makes their life better. This is the reason why people buy cannabis products. You need to think of this when thinking about the best business opportunities in the cannabis market.

The cannabis industry is expected to see increasing financial growth in the coming years. What are some cannabis business trends that you think we’ll see in 2022? Are there any cannabis products that you would like to see in the market? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us @cannalifenet for more cannabis info.


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