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Best 420 Events In California (2022)


April 20th, 2022, 420. It’s that time of year where people all over the world get together to celebrate the joy of smoking cannabis. This special anniversary brings people together regardless of who they are. On this special day, if you’re using cannabis you share a special connection with many others around the world. If you’re in California, you may be wondering what are some of the best 420 events in California.

420 Gathering At Hippie Hill In San Francisco (Ft. Mike Tyson!)

420 Hippie Hill is back for 420 in 2022! Featuring Mike Tyson as a special guest!

420 on Hippie Hill is the most popular 420 event in California, and has been traditionally bringing in thousands of people to smoke weed and relax together at Robin Williams Meadow. There will be music, guest speakers and comedians, food trucks, a dedicated food area, and vendors selling cannabis and other goodies.

The event will take place at Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022. 10am-5pm. Entry will be free of charge. As long as you’re at least age 21, all you have to do is show up, and get high.’s 420 Experience LA. is offering a 420 cannabis tour. Meeting at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, cannabis guru’s will be there to educate you on the history of marijuana, where to get the best weed, and the largest cannabis industry in the world. There will be toking sessions through this tour guide to help you immerse yourself in the cannabis experience.

Decadence, 420 For The Black LGBTQ Community

Photo By Artur Kornakov

DECADENCE: A Black + Queer 420 Celebration Centering the 5 Senses. Cuties Los AngelesHoney Love Connections, and Sex Positive Los Angeles (SPLA) are hosting a 420 event exclusively for the Black LGBTQ community in Los Angeles, California. Featuring dances, pre-rolls, cannabis infused edibles, music, massages with CBD topicals, and aromatherapy inhalers.

Party Beer Co + Vegan Playground 420

A vegan 420 event named, “Party on the Patio,” presented by Party Beer Co + Vegan Playground will be available on 420. Featuring 15 of the best vegan foods from SoCal, music, goods, giveaways, beer, and $5 cans of Party Beer’s DELTA-8 THC infused party water. Admission will be free for this event.

There will be many 420 events in California this year. Many dispiensaries all over California will have their own events and special sales. To stay up to date the latest and popular events, visit Eventbrite.

Have you celebrated 420 National Weed Day? How will you celebrate this 420? What are your favorite memories of cannabis? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us for more cannabis info.


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