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Beginner's guide to how much cannabis should you take and methods

In this video I’m going to go over what methods of cannabis are best for beginners and how much you should take for each method.

Getting the dose right for cannabis is important for getting the most from the plant. It ensures you have a good experience and know what method will work best for you.

I go over inhalation methods, ingestion, topicals and dosing for each. I also give you the starting dose for CBD and at the end of the video I talk about dose layering, which is a helpful trick for extending the nice feeling, without getting too high.

I also talk about how estrogen influence the effect of cannabis.

Links from the video:
Velvet vagina article:

Weed Mama’s beginner guides:

Goldleaf journal (affiliate link)

Inhalation: 2:32
Ingestion: 6:24
CBD: 10:02
Topicals: 12:10

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