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Balanced THC:CBD weed to help find your Zen


Balanced cannabis products have a higher CBD content and lower THC. Not every cannabis experience needs to be THC to the max, these products offer a more subtle effect.

Balanced products can be useful for new consumers, as CBD may counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC. Theyโ€™re not just for newbies either! Many consumers find balanced strains and products more chill and productive.

While not always a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio, there are all kinds of higher CBD products that still contain a decent THC percentage. Ratios of 2:1 and 3:1 are in abundance, so you can find what works for you.

Take a look below for some of the best flower, vape, and extract products with a balanced mix of THC and CBD.

Black Widow CBD

Black Widow CBD cannabis flower. (Divvy)

By: Divvy

Dose: 4% โ€“ 10% THC / 6% โ€“ 12% CBD

Delicate like the notorious spider itโ€™s named after, Black Widow CBDโ€™s light dose of CBD and THC is balanced as perfectly as an hourglass.

The taste and aroma give off a woodsy and piney scent, with alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene prominently displayed in the strainโ€™s terpene profile.

This strain from Divvy brings high quality at a great price point, which makes it one of the top flower options for balanced products.

Hazy Honey Oil

Hazy Honey Oil cannabis concentrate. (Boaz)


Dose: 20% โ€“ 28% THC / 45% 53% CBD

Dabbing, smoking, and plenty more consumption methods are at the tip of your fingers with BOAZโ€™s Hazy Honey Oil.

This full-spectrum extract is created using a Skunk Haze strain with a 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD and no artificial terpenes.

Housed inside a beautiful glass and metal syringe, this honey oil is a jack-of-all-trades. You can enjoy it all on its own, or as a complementary product to flower and edibles.ย 

Twist nโ€™ Drop Distillate

Twist nโ€™ Drop Distillate. (Bake Sale)

By: Bake Sale

Dose: 18% โ€“ 21.5% THC / 46% โ€“ 52.5% CBD

The Twist nโ€™ Drop distillate pen is a simple and accurate way to consume exact amounts of THC or CBD. The concentrate can be used in multiple ways including smoking, vaping, and adding to foods and beverages.

Simply twist the cap and let the distillate slide out to be placed inside a joint, on top of a bong bowl or on any food you want to infuse quickly.

Each drop carries the same amounts of THC and CBD in it, so you can accurately measure your dose with ease.ย 

Pennywise 1:1

Pennywise cannabis flower. (Pure Sunfarms)

By: Pure Sunfarms

Dose: 6% โ€“ 10% THC / 6% โ€“ 10% CBD

Pure Sunfarms has knocked it out of the park with the quality of their THC products at budget price points and their balanced Pennywise cultivar carries that same high standard.

The buds are large and dense with an earthy, herbal scent. It crosses a CBD-rich Harlequin strain with Jack the Ripper for a perfectly levelled out cannabinoid ratio to hit that sweet spot of balanced dosage.ย 

Mango Haze

Mango Haze cannabis flower. (Kiwi Cannabis)

By: Kiwi Cannabis

Dose: 4% โ€“ 10% THC / 6% โ€“ 13% CBD

Mango Haze is a hit with fans of balanced strains. If you havenโ€™t tried this one from Kiwi Cannabis, itโ€™ll quickly make its way into your regular product rotation. The buds are well-trimmed and crystally with gleaming orange hairs throughout.

Mango Haze strikes a perfect balance of THC and CBD in its dense buds. The rich terpene profile is fruity, but also a bit spicy thanks to beta-caryophyllene and beta-pinene.ย 


Dancehall cannabis flower. (Spinach)

By: Spinach

Dose: 4% โ€“ 10% THC / 6% โ€“ 12% CBD

A focused and lightweight strain, Spinachโ€™s Dancehall is a staple for anyone needing a light and breezy flower.

It packs a good punch of flavour in the dense buds with a spiced melon taste that pops through each puff.

With a terpene profile consisting of pinene, limonene, linalool and myrcene, it has a unique mix of aromas and is a solid go-to selection.ย 

Reign Drops 15:15

Reign Drops cannabis oil. (Redecan)

By: Redecan

Dose: 399mg โ€“ 456mg THC / 399mg โ€“ 456mg CBD

If youโ€™re aiming to find balanced smoke-free cannabis products with a low price tag, Redecanโ€™s Reign Drops are affordable and easy to use. The drops arenโ€™t flavoured so they can easily be added to foods and drinks or placed right into your mouth.ย 

Lavender Chamomile CBD 3:1 510 Thread Cartridge

Lavender Chamomile CBD 3:1 510 Thread Cartridge. (Floresense)

By: Floresense

Dose: 20.5% โ€“ 25.5% THC / 51% โ€“ 57% CBD

While not a perfectly balanced 510 vape cartridge, the Lavender Chamomile CBD 3:1 is a great pick for people searching for strong concentrations of CBD with mild THC.

The flavour and aroma pair succinctly with the soothing calm of this cartridgeโ€™s name, carrying a light floral taste. No need to worry about a scratchy feeling throat eitherโ€”this vape cartridge offers hits as smooth as butter.ย 

2:1 CBD:THC 510 Thread Cartridge

2:1 CBD:THC 510 Thread Cartridge. (Wayfarer)

By: Wayfarer

Dose: 21% โ€“ 28.5% THC / 41.7% โ€“ 56.4% CBD

Extracted from a Cannatonic strain, Wayfarerโ€™s 2:1 CBD:THC cartridge offers prominent flavours without any harsh throat feel.

The taste is primarily earthy with a strong citrus flavour, and if you have a good set of taste buds, you might even notice light floral and fruity notes.

The cartridge itself is sleekly designed and contains terpenes alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and a touch of myrcene.

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