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Animal Facts Crossword With Some Interesting Information


Fire up a joint and get ready for a random animal fact crossword because those earthly creatures are super weird… especially their genitals; some of them have some pretty strange junk going on downstairs. Get ready to learn all about it! The answers for each question are located at the bottom of the crossword and some have got more information. It’s time to roll up a doobie and trip out on some critters – bonus points if you’re smoking animal cookies. 

The answers and some strange animal facts

random animal crossword
  1. Beaver
  1. Duck – Male ducks have a spiral shaped penis that twists in a counter clockwise direction and this is so that its sperm will target the left ovary. Interestingly, it has been observed that in almost all birds, only the left ovary is functional. For more information on the fascinating subject of bird genitalia and other animal facts, click here.
  1. Koala – Koala bears are ripe with Chlamydia… That may be an outrageous statement but it is absolutely accurate animal fact. In some parts of the country, the infection rate is as high as ninety percent. Koala bears spread the disease in two ways, through sexual transmission and nursing. An infected mother can pass it on to her joey during breastfeeding. In order to help the declining population, the Austrailian government is working on a vaccine. In addition, any infected bears are captured, treated and released.
  1. Cats – Thanks to DNA studies, we now know that cats domesticated themselves. It began in the neolithic period and accelerated in ancient Egypt. 
  1. Egypt – Cats were revered as guardians of the underworld and were treated with sacred respect. In hindsight, this might have had something to do with pest control. Scavenging rodents were a constant threat to any crops being grown or stored; reducing the pest population would directly impact on the spread of disease.
  1. Ovary – For more information on this topic, click on the link in answer to question 2.
  1. Kangaroo – See picture below. 
animal fact about kangroo genitals
  1. Dolphins
  1. Pigs – Domesticated pigs are sprinters and can run up to 17km per hour. Wild ones are even faster and have been clocked at speeds of up to 50km per hour. Interestingly, pigs as a species do not like to run in straight lines, they zig zag.
  1. Pufferfish – Dolphins are known for getting high off of pufferfish toxins. 



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