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America’s funniest 4/20 food deals today


Harold and Kumar would be so proud of us.

This 4/20 week, America’s millions of hungry stoners can feast on an extra-ridiculous lineup of fast food promotions engineered to satisfy those next-level munchies.

For starters, at select locations, the famous burger chain White Castle has collaborated with the top weed brand Cookies to sling ‘Cheesy 10-Sacks’.

“Pull up to participating @whitecastle locations and get 2$ off “The Cheesy 10 Sack” starting on 4/17 (with coupon in our IG story highlights) offer ends 4/23 🍪🍔🍪🍔🍪🍔,” Cookies wrote on Twitter.

Need a refresher? Cheesy 10-sacks are 10-packs of White Castle’s famous sliders, with cheese.

Also, watch out for that fresh Cookies x White Castle clothing drop on the Cookies website today. Those beanies are going to sell out faster than bottled water on Hippie Hill. And that White Castle hoodie is gonna get stained so fast, guaranteed.

Yes, we agree: It’s pretty crazy to see a mid-western burger chain bear-hug the culture.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” the regional hamburger chain with 377 stores commented on Instagram.

Finally, the new Motor City Cookies Co. Detroit location will give away free White Castle slider burgers while supplies last.

DJ Khaled drops meatless chicken for 420 in Miami

If sliders give you the tummy troubles, consider turning to global superstar DJ Khaled and his Miami launch of a vegan fried chicken ‘dispensary’ Wednesday.

Yeah, the names are super confusing, we know. But it should still be a good time: DJ Khaled’s brand Another Wing will cook and give away ‘LikeWings’ at the Miami dispensary ‘The Flowery’ from 3-9 p.m. Wednesday.

LikeWings come from the LIVEKINDLY Collective brand LikeMeat, a leader in plant-based food. They’re also available in 150 cities on DoorDash, etc. See? Easy. Phew.

Take it away, DJ Khaled:

“This LikeWings collaboration is an incredible opportunity for people who don’t eat meat to enjoy the incredible flavors of Another Wing. This collab combines the flavors of Another Wing with the plant power of LikeMeat,” said DJ Khaled, in a release. “Let’s win more with LikeWings.”

Win more, indeed. In true DJ Khaled fashion, the flavors include:  You Loyal! Lemon Pepper; Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha; and They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO.

Jack in the Box trees, and Blazed & Glazed with TGI Friday’s

You know there’s more goofy, national food tie-ins, right?

National chain Jack in the Box is selling a Pineapple Express shake for $4.20, and will plant a tree for every shake ordered. It’s a super-sugary vanilla shake with pineapple syrup, whipped cream and cherry.

Actor Seth Rogen wants you to know the shake is in no way affiliated with the film.

Rogen tweeted, “And obviously if we did a tie in, it would have to be to promote those fucking diarrhea inducing taco things they sell.”

Up next, national chain TGI Fridays has a Blazed & Glazed meal available on Uber Eats—so you literally do not have to get off the couch during your Dune binge.

Keep your cardiologist on speed dial. The meal includes: Three TGI Fridays all-new Chicken Slammers (crispy chicken finger sliders in Whiskey-Glaze Blaze sauce, tucked into mini New England rolls, drizzled with spicy aioli and sesame seasoning.) Plus, you get a side of seasoned fries with queso, mixed cheese, bacon and green onions.

The ultimate munchies cure, TGI Fridays' limited-time Blazed & Glazed Bundle is available for delivery only, exclusively through Uber Eats
Couch-locked: TGI Fridays’ limited-time Blazed & Glazed Bundle on Uber Eats.

Cheba Hut has Willie’s Reserve rolling papers

We don’t have any White Castles on the West Coast, which is sad. But rest assured, other food brands will also keep stoner bellies full on 4/20.

Smaller Western US toasted sub chain Cheba Hut is hawking mini-sandwiches on a frisbee with a side of Willie’s Reserve rolling papers. Cost? $4.20.

And Cheech Marin’s late-night food delivery service, Muncheechos, said it’s commencing service on April 20. We’ll see!

Wingstop goes Blazed & Glazed

Let’s keep it going: Publicly-traded chicken wing chain Wingstop will also offer its own limited-edition 4/20 flavor Blazed & Glazed.

What exactly is that flavor, you ask? It’s sweet, smoky, and herbal, and comes from a unique combo of terpenes, hemp seeds, strawberry and cayenne pepper. Wingstop says it’ll “give fans the second-best herbal experience they could have on 4/20.”

The special meal is available from April 18-22, and a Wingstop food truck is gonna bring free Blazed & Glazed wings to Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on April 20.

Jimmy Johns has an elevation discount

Rounding out this week’s gastronomic assaults, the Illinois-based sandwich chain Jimmy Johns will discount subs up to 20% based on how high you are.

California mexican food chain Del Taco is slinging chicken rollers for $4.20. And California burger chain Fatburger will see you burgers for $4.20.

Remember to drink lots of water and maybe pack some Tums.

You can always detox next week.

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