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All seas of green are not created equal #bloomplus #organicgrower

Follow me as I do my first ever Sea Of Green….. This grow will consist of 16 organically grown Double Blue Cheese from Harley Grower & 14 Pepe La Glue from So-Fem Genetics With only a 3 week Veg!!!! This Grow is Powered by the Bloom Plus BP2500 & the BP1500

Just a few words about our sponsor Bloom Plus: I must say dealing with this company has been a breeze….The representatives I have Dealt with have been friendly and helpful….And the product is unparalleled in its price point….For people on a budget look no further then Bloom Plus

Bloom Plus…..

Promo Code KeifNCheif will get you 5% off at bloom plus check out on BP1000/1500/3000

Shout Out to Harley Grower for the great Genetics……Looking for great genetics look no further then Harley Grower….. We have grown several of his strains on this channel and loved them all!!!!

Harleys IG….


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