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A Guide to Curing Cannabis


In order to do the curing process, you must have airtight jars, such as glass mason jars and a hygrometer for each. You can also choose to use a metal or wood option for a container as well.

Please note that you do not want to use plastic containers because they allow oxygen to enter.

You want to loosely fill each container three-quarters full with your trimmed and dry cannabis buds. Also, make sure that your hygrometer is inside the container as well. You will want to tightly close and store your containers in a dark, cool and dry room.

It is important to note that basements and attic spaces are not usually ideal places to cure weed. This is because attics can be humid and a lot of basements can be moist. You want to choose a space that has a stable environment so that it is easier to make adjustments to your curing process. 

Using the hygrometers that are in your containers, check the moisture the day after. The humidity inside the containers should stay between 55 and 65 percent. The hygrometers help you to create an environment that is controlled enough to rehydrate the outside of the bud without making a mold.

If the humidity gets too high, you can fix this by taking off the lid for up to a full day, and then after you have done that, go ahead and reseal them. If things get too dry, you can use a humidity pack to add back moisture to your marijuana.


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