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There’s nothing like getting into the holiday spirit than a couple of holiday strains. Here are a couple of our favorites to add to your cannabis gift basket:

Jack Frost Strain – This strain was created by putting White Widow with Northern Lights #5. The name alone adds to the festive vibe and then the feeling of energy and creativity will get you in the mood for gearing up for the holidays. This marijuana strain might just help you get through the holiday stress and the winter blues. 

Candyland – Add this strain of cannabis to your weed gift basket for a relaxing effect. This is a strain that is made of 25 percent indica and 75 percent sativa. And what is even better is that it has a sweet smell, like you guessed it, candy. 

SnowDawg – If you are looking to give an euphoric experience this holiday season, then look on further. SnowDawg is a sativa dominant hybrid that allows for its consumer to feel positive and alive.


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