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A Guide to CBD Rosin


cbd rosin guide

The world of cannabis concentrates isn’t just reserved for people who want to get high as a kite for fun.


Concentrates are renowned for being extremely potent and powerful. They contain significantly higher concentrations of cannabinoids, and in the case of THC sometimes 80% and up. For medical users, that means you’re consuming a strong source of cannabinoids that can have profound therapeutic effects for a range of conditions.


However, cannabis concentrates aren’t necessarily for getting high. That’s what intimidates people so much about it. But did you know that CBD concentrates exist too?


Rosin is one of the most popular forms of concentrates around, and it also comes in CBD forms. This is an excellent way to medicate for people suffering from severe anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, depression, and many other conditions. If you are interested in benefiting from the healing properties of CBD without the high, or are an experienced CBD user who is keen to try out a new consumption method, CBD rosin could be your next favorite

What is CBD Rosin?


Just like its THC counterpart, CBD rosin is a highly potent and solvent-less concentrate. It’s made using high-end processing equipment, though it can also be made at home. CBD rosin can be consumed in a variety of ways: dabbed, processed into a topical, added to a joint, infused into edibles, and so much more. It comes in a range of forms including oil and tinctures; these are full-spectrum products that are made with all compounds of the hemp plant.  Unlike THC-based rosin, CBD rosin will not get you high.


The main benefit of consuming CBD rosin is that its therapeutic effects are felt immediately. You need a significantly smaller amount to feel its effects compared to when you smoke flower or consume edibles. Best of all, you don’t get a head high the way you would with THC concentrates because it can have as much as 85% CBD with less than 0.3% THC. Additionally, since CBD rosin is a full-spectrum extract, you also get all the other good stuff including minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These are all what most medical marijuana patients look for.


When shopping for CBD rosin online, you might find that they are more rare compared to CBD made out of solvent-based extraction methods. That’s because it can be a little more tricky and challenging to make compared to other extraction methods involving solvents, but discerning consumers know that CBD rosin is worth the price and the effort to make (if you decide to make it yourself) because it results in a cleaner product that is also potent and more aromatic. An ice water bath or a heat/rosin press is usually necessary to make CBD rosin.


Since there are no chemicals that are required to make CBD rosin, this is also the top choice for health conscious consumers who only want clean and fast-acting cannabis medicine.


To summarize, here are the benefits of CBD rosin:

  • Clean and safe: the production process for making CBD rosin doesn’t need any chemicals

  • No solvents: again, since there are no residual chemicals made for high-quality CBD rosin, you get a clean and pure product that gives you peace of mind you aren’t consuming any harmful matter or toxins

  • Affordable: there is a great deal of good quality CBD rosin out there that is affordable. You don’t need a lot to enjoy its benefits, even if you decide to splurge on a mid-range or high-end product.

  • Fast-acting: because CBD rosin is so concentrated, you can feel its effects within seconds of consuming it no matter how you decide to ingest it.

  • Easy to make: if you decide to make your own CBD rosin, it’s simple to do especially if you already have some experience making concentrates or have a rosin press.


Best Ways To Consume CBD Rosin


There are many kinds of CBD rosin out there, as we mentioned earlier.


You can experiment with various methods of consumption to find one that suits you the most. If you do decide to dab it, remember that you should always heat the heating element or the nail properly as you inhale it. It’s always recommended to go with lower temperatures whenever dabbing even if it’s CBD and not THC. Practice the same kind of guidelines as you would when dabbing THC for the first time: start small.


While consuming high amounts of CBD isn’t dangerous, you could get more sedated than you were hoping, and you could end up sleepy. This would not be ideal if you have to drive, or aren’t in the comforts of your own home.


Many consumers medicate with CBD rosin by consuming oils or tincture versions underneath the tongue. This is a discreet way to medicate with small dosages, allowing you more control compared to a dab. In addition, sublingual absorption provides a fast way to enable CBD to get to the bloodstream. When you consume CBD rosin with just the right amount, you can enjoy its effects which work in your endocannabinoid system to promote healing and homeostasis, while you will feel calm and relaxed.


There are also ready-to-eat CBD edibles that have been made with rosin, such as gummies and other candies. These products make it quick and easy to medicate without having to do anything else.




CBD rosin is an excellent way for medical patients to get the most out of CBD. There are many ways you can consume it, and there are no side effects if you accidentally consume too much except for the fact that you will be extremely sedated, so always experiment in the safety of your own home.









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