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A crossword all about stupid laws – Latest Cannabis News Today


The law is supposed to make sense but sometimes, it doesn’t. Some laws are timeless and agreeable to all, others have an expiry date. Keeping our laws current costs taxpayer money so if a law is outdated, it’s often ignored rather than struck down. As a result, there are some extremely stupid laws that are still in existence. In fact, the whole world is filled with ridiculous rules. From odd to outrageous, engaging, and awesome, some of these stupid laws have emotions attached. Time to add to your random fact knowledge with a crossword all about stupid laws; the details you need to answer each question can be found at the bottom of the page.

Stupid Laws – The Details

North America

  • Up until 2018, it was illegal to scare the Queen in Canada. An extension of Britain’s Treason Act of 1842, this law was created due to a situation; back in the day, a British man pointed a gun at Queen Victoria. He did not fire the weapon but he did scare her enough to change the law. Before it was repealed in 2018, this offense was classified under the criminal code and came with a penalty of up to fourteen years.
  • In Skamania County, Washington, it’s illegal to kill Sasquatch.
  • In Alexandria, Minnesota, a man is forbidden from having intercourse with his wife if his breath smells like garlic, onions, or sardines. The law dictates that he must brush his teeth if his wife requests it.
  • In New Jersey and Rhode Island, incest is legal between consenting adults. Currently, first cousin marriage is legally allowed in twenty different states. In addition, there are some states that will allow first cousins to marry if both parties are 65 and older, or one is infertile.
  • If you mispronounce the town name of Joliet, Illinois, you could be charged with a misdemeanor. According to town locals, the name is pronounced ‘JOE-LEE-ETTE’ and nothing else. If you say something different and you’re caught, the fine is $5. In 1845, the founding fathers of Joliet created this law out of frustration; they also set the cost of the fine. Back then, $5 went a lot further than it does now. This Jolie city ordinance is currently listed under Section 2-8. – Pronunciation of name of city.
  • Until 2003, Oral sex between consenting adults was illegal in twenty-two states. In eleven of those states, the law extended to married couples. It was struck down as unconstitutional during the court case, Lawrence v. Texas.

Around the World

  • In 1986, ‘the Salmon Act‘ was passed by the British Parliament. This made it illegal to handle ‘salmon in suspicious circumstances’.
  • In many Caribbean countries, it’s illegal for a civilian to wear camouflage pattern clothing in public. This includes Jamaica, Barbados, St Vincent, and Grenada.
  • According to Article 171, posthumous marriage is legal in France. Thus, you can legally marry a dead person.
  • In Germany, it is illegal to run out of fuel while driving on the Autobahn. It is seen as a preventable circumstance and leads to stopping (stopping is also illegal).



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