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9 Pros and Cons of Smoking Subscription Boxes


subscription boxes of cannabis

Smoking cannabis has recently become one of the most popular hobbies in many states. Like any hobby, equipment and accessories are necessary to enjoy cannabis use thoroughly. 

This is particularly true if one wants to smoke cannabis outdoors, at a friend’s house, or even on the go. Unfortunately, as the industry is still growing, obtaining cannabis paraphernalia can be a hassle, and that’s precisely why there’s such a thing called smoking subscription boxes. 

What are Smoking Subscription Boxes? 

Smoking subscription boxes, or stoner boxes for short, are packages that consist of various smoking supplies. These may range from disposable rolling papers and snacks, to expensive, high-quality equipment like bongs and grinders. As you might imagine, the idea of receiving everything you need in one delivery seems very convenient and hassle-free, and indeed it is.

However, convenience is not the only advantage of smoking subscription boxes. The following are some other benefits of opting for stoner boxes over buying smoking supplies individually: 

Pro #1: Subscription Box Products Are Generally Priced Below Retail Value 

Yes, the contents of a smoking subscription box typically have a lower overall price than the retail value. Of course, some charge way above the usual price, but it’s a rare case. 

Most packages have a price of around USD$3 to USD$100 a month, while their contents generally cost over USD$100 if you get them from a reseller. To explain further, here’s a closer look at the supplies you’ll get from smoking subscription boxes and their corresponding retail value: 

Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs 

It’s no secret that joints, blunts, and spliffs are among the essentials of smoking cannabis. These are rolled papers that allow you to smoke cannabis directly. 

Joints use tobacco paper, blunts use cigar paper, and spliffs are similar to joints, except they’re combined with tobacco leaf. They come in different shapes and sizes, though they typically cost USD$1 to USD$3 a pack. Most smoking subscription boxes that cost around USD$3 will have a couple of packs included in the package. 

Ceramic, Glass, and Plastic Pieces 

Ceramic, glass, and plastic pieces are similar to joints, blunts, and spliffs in that they also allow you to smoke cannabis directly. They also come in different shapes and sizes. 

However, they’re much more expensive, with a retail value of USD$10 to USD$50. 

While you’ll rarely see these in a five-dollar subscription box, packages with a price of USD$10 and more should come with a couple of these pieces. 


A bong is essentially a type of cannabis glass paraphernalia but with a much more complex mechanism. It has a small bowl where you store the dried weed. 

Upon lighting up the device, the smoke rises, which you can then inhale. Due to its relatively complex structure, bongs cost around USD$50 to USD$100. Surprisingly, stoner boxes with a price tag of less than USD$100 often include a bong, although it usually only comes as part of the subscription plan’s first-month package. 


Bubblers are the more portable and lightweight version of bongs. The low-quality ones can cost as little as USD$10, while high-grade bubblers can be as expensive as USD$200. 

Similar to bongs, they can come as part of packages that cost USD$100, but you can also find bubblers in subscription boxes priced at USD$10 to USD$20. 


Grinders are yet another essential accessory for when one wants to smoke cannabis. It’s a device normally made of metal or wood that breaks up the cannabis into a powdery substance, which allows you to roll or pack it into a joint, blunt, or spliff. 

There are several types of grinders. Plastic and acrylic grinders can cost up to USD$15, electric grinders can be as high as USD$50, and metal grinders can cost up to USD$40. 

You can find decent grinders included in USD$10 to USD$50 stoner boxes. 


Unlike grinders, vaporizers take concentrates rather than powder. It comes in various sizes, and you might be familiar with its smaller version called vape pens

Vaporizers have gotten more popular recently, so there’s a good chance you’ll receive one if you ever opt for a smoking subscription box. Disposable vaporizers cost USD$5 to USD$10, and you’ll often find these in subscription boxes costing USD$10. However, some providers include vape pens in their USD$50 packages. 

As you can see, you can get more value from smoking subscription boxes as opposed to when you buy smoking accessories and supplies individually from resellers. Additionally, getting a subscription box is usually done online, so you don’t have to go to a physical store every time you need to restock. 

Pro #2: You Don’t Have To Go On A Trip 

Most smoking subscription box providers have a website where you can pay for their services.  

Once you do, they’ll deliver the boxes to your home, meaning you no longer have to go on a trip to your nearby gas station whenever you want to restock on rolling papers. 

The same goes for when you broke or shattered one of your glass pieces and want to buy a replacement. In a way, it also saves you money by cutting down on your gas expenses. 

Pro #3: The Pricing is Typically Flexible 

When you look into the website of a smoking subscription provider, you’ll find that they have two payment models, and as always, each option has advantages and disadvantages. 

Here’s a closer look at what each model entails: 

Monthly Subscription 

The first one is a monthly subscription wherein you pay a certain fee every month, and they deliver the box or package to your front door regularly. Note that the frequency is not necessarily monthly, as some providers may deliver twice or thrice a month. With this model, you can collect coupons that can lower the costs of future packages. 

One-Time Subscription 

The second payment model involves a one-time payment that is usually more expensive than the fee in a monthly subscription. However, the box contains more items that generally cost more. With this model, you can get everything you need at once, and if you ever need to restock on supplies, you can always transition to a monthly subscription. 

Pro #4: Customization Is Possible With The Subscription Boxes 

Some experts argue that while it certainly is convenient and affordable, consumers have no control over what they can receive in their smoking subscription boxes, which is a considerable disadvantage. However, it’s worth noting that certain providers offer multiple options to their customers. Daily High Club, for example, offers several subscription options, such as:

  • Connoisseur V2

  • El Primo

  • RAWsentials

Therefore, while it may not be fully customizable, it is still possible. For example, you can choose between a box that contains glass pieces or a box with rolling papers. 

You have to remember, though, that not all subscription providers offer multiple options. 

Pro #5: Shopping for Smoking Subscription Boxes is as Discreet as It Can Be 

Cannabis has always been a controversial topic in many industries. That’s why smoking weed in public will almost always guarantee that you’ll catch the attention of passersby. 

The same goes for when someone delivers your cannabis paraphernalia at your front door. 

With smoking subscription boxes, you don’t have to worry about that. Usually, when you receive the package, the box has no distinct features that will point toward it being a cannabis accessory. Instead, most stoner box providers use packaging that looks as simple as possible, meaning you can shop for cannabis paraphernalia discreetly using this method. 

Pro #6: You’re Always in for a Surprise 

The best smoking subscription box providers hand-curate each item in their packages, meaning the contents of your boxes will often be unique and valuable. 

Most importantly, because the contents of the box change every month, you’re always in for a surprise. While it may not be economically beneficial, there’s a charm in having no idea what you’ll get from your packages. After all, that’s the main point of subscription or mystery boxes. 

However, as you might imagine, this can also lead to dissatisfaction, especially if you’re hoping to receive a particular item but did not. 

marijuana joints

Meanwhile, subscription boxes also have their disadvantages. These are as follows:

Con #1: The Contents of The Box Might Not Be What You Need 

Stoner boxes might be a worthwhile investment if you want to experience the sheer thrill of surprises. It’s not ideal if your objective is to get a specific item, and for several reasons. 

One, subscription boxes are designed to provide consumers with a steady stock of smoking supplies. Thus, if you want to get a specific glass piece, you need to wait until the provider decides to include a glass piece on the package. If you don’t get it from the first delivery, you’ll have to wait at least several weeks to get it from the next package, which can be frustrating. 

In short, smoking subscriptions are excellent for restocking smoking supplies but not for shopping accessories. On the bright side, certain subscription services offer different frequency options. 

Examples of such options include monthly, bimonthly, biweekly, or quarterly. 

Con #2: Getting a Fake/Counterfeit Product is Always a Possibility 

The cannabis industry is growing at a fast pace. While it is indeed beneficial both for consumers and entrepreneurs, this rapid growth also comes at a price. For starters, scammers are becoming rampant in the industry as they attempt to capitalize on the popularity of cannabis by selling fake or counterfeit products. The same issue exists within the subscription service market. 

The good news is that smoking subscription services are safer compared to other markets in the cannabis industry. This is because they typically follow strict quality policies and protocols. 

Moreover, it’s advisable to check if the service provider allows refunds and returns because suppliers of fake or counterfeit products don’t offer that feature. 

Con #3: Subscription Services May Include Too Many Filler Items 

Many subscription service providers include too many filler items in their packages. Filler items refer to products like stickers, mugs, and other things that aren’t necessary for cannabis use.  

Granted, you might be getting these items for a lower price, but if you don’t need them anyway, then you’re essentially throwing money down the drain. On the bright side, there are still a few brands out there that don’t use this tactic, but it’s a matter of whether you can find them or not. 

FAQs on Smoking Subscription Boxes 

If you have other queries concerning smoking subscription boxes, read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions by consumers: 

  • Do smoking subscription box providers ship internationally? 

It depends on the service provider. Some do, while others don’t. Those that do are likely to bill their customers in US dollars, regardless of your location. 

Again, it largely depends on the service provider. However, if they do allow refunds, you should send your request before the box has been shipped. As for returns, subscription service providers typically only allow it if the package is untouched or defective. You may also have to wait several days for the return, refund, or replacement. 

It was mentioned earlier that you could get discounts from subscription service providers. Usually, you must be a regular on a specific provider to be eligible for these discounts. 

If you use a credit card to pay for the transaction, the subscription is renewed automatically. However, in the case of a direct transfer, you need to renew manually. 

Smoking subscription boxes do not include the actual cannabis for legal reasons. It only contains accessories and other smoking supplies like rolling papers. 

Closing Thoughts 

Because one can now buy cannabis paraphernalia from the internet very quickly, people are arguing whether smoking subscription boxes are a worthwhile investment or not. 

If you’re like everyone else, it may have crossed your mind that it’s not worth its price. With this guide, it should be apparent that smoking subscription services have their own charm. Besides, your decision will depend on whether it’s up to your preferences or not.






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