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8 great weed strains for sex this Valentine’s Day and beyond

You probably know weed can make sex even better. But there’s more than 5,000 pot types in the Leafly Database alone, and 1,691 have ‘arousing’ attributes. Even then, what are the odds your local shop’s lineup of maybe 100-200 flowers even features one of these mythic, sexy strains?

It’s hard out there for a player.

Leafly, of course, is here to make hitting it easy. Here’s a top 8 list of cannabis strains reviewers have said are uniquely arousing, as well as actually available this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t wait—fortune favors the bold; in bed and beyond.

Best weed strains for sex

The Soap

Showers can be hit or miss for couples—whereas the new strain The Soap left a full 29% of Leafly reviewers aroused. Piney, earthy, and sweet, The Soap aroma can conjure the medicinal floral notes of soap chips. It also packs max THC as a cross of Animal Mints and Kush Mints from Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies. Even advanced smokers stated, “it was overwhelming, definitely a sexual rush with this smoke!!!”


The Sweeties from Archive Seedbank. (Courtesy Archive Seedbank)
The Sweeties from Archive Seedbank. (Courtesy Archive Seedbank)

Watch out when your man shows up with Sweeties and flowers. He has a plan. This fruity, earthy, floral-smelling strain offers hybrid energy that improves mood. A crazy 56% of Leafly reviewers found it arousing. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but you’ll have to see for yourself.

One reviewer said: “When I saw that one of the effects was arousal, I didn’t think anything of it. I honestly doubted it because my libido runs pretty low. BUT HOLY FUCK. Out of NOWHERE, It hit me like a truck.”

“Does make you a bit sexually active and creative! Wife said, ‘we made a porn video!’”

Leafly reviewer for Sweeties

We love Sweeties because of its pedigree: Archive Seed Bank + Kush for Breakfast crossed The White, Tahoe OG, and GSC. And we love that it’s growing nationwide, from LA to Denver, Detroit, and Boston.

Cake Crasher

A full 28% of Leafly reviewers got thirsty on this gorgeous, potent Wedding Cake cross from Seed Junky Genetics. Sweet fuel ushers in calming, mood-boosting vibes. Cake Crasher is in stores from Seattle to Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and all the way out to Boston. (See also: Wedding Cake)

Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies from Insa brand cannabis. (Courtesy Insa)
Blue Cookies from Insa brand cannabis. (Courtesy Insa)

Weed in general makes most reviewers relaxed and happy, but a fifth of users got specifically aroused on this cross of GSC and Blueberry. Blue Cookies relaxes you with sweet blueberry smells and a calming hybrid effect. Lots of times that can fight pain and anxiety, allowing sex drive to come back.

Need even more best marijuana strains for sex?

Give her her flowers: LA Kush Cake from Luminescent Farms. (Courtesy Luminescent Farms)
Give her her flowers: LA Kush Cake from Luminescent Farms. (Courtesy Luminescent Farms)

You know we did our research. See also:

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●     Magic Melon

●     Member Berry

●     Cheetah Piss


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Want to understand more about THC and CBD’s effect on mood, pain, tension, and the senses? Learn about the endocannabinoid system.

What’s your go-to arousing strain? Leave a nice comment below.

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