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7 Stoner Songs for 420


Whether you couldn’t make it to the 4/20 festivities this year or just want to keep the vibes going a little longer, these 7 stoner songs for 420 are just what you need. Pick your favourite cannabis product and relax while you listen to music. You can also enjoy many of these songs while watching some classic stoner movies.

I Smoke Two Joints – Sublime

Originally written by The Toyes in 1983, I Smoke Two Joints was later covered by Sublime and featured as the opening song in Homegrown. As the title suggests, this reggae-ska-style song recommends smoking two joints morning, night, and afternoon. For this 420, be sure to light two joints while you jam to this song.

Cypress Hill LIVE from Vancouver 420

Hits From the Bong – Cypress Hill

Released in 1993, this hip-hop song can be enjoyed while watching How High and is a must when smoking the bong. Inhale. Exhale. I wish you all an ounce in the mail.

Because I Got High – Afroman

Enjoy this humorous hip hop song from 2001 by Afroman, and check out the music video which features “Jay and Silent Bob”. If you’re feeling lazy for 420, this is perfect for your playlist. You can even invent your own lyrics about what you couldn’t do because you got high.

The Pot – Tool

In a similar thread to ‘Because I Got High‘, Tool lists the reasons you must have been high in their song called The Pot. Rock out to this 2006 song with others, and then scream in their face, ‘you must have been high.’

Hash Pipe – Weezer

For all those hashish smokers out there, this 2001 upbeat modern rock release by Weezer is a must-listen. Grab your hash pipes and get ready for some headbanging.

One Toke Over The Line – Brewer & Shipley

One Toke Over the Line was featured as the opening song on the radio in Fear and Loathing, where Benicio del Toro belts out the lyrics. 420 is the perfect day of the year to be one or maybe even two tokes over the line.

Mary Jane – Rick James

Many songs reference cannabis, but Mary Jane is the number one love song to marijuana. This classic 1978 song is featured on Half Baked where the love song takes on a double meaning.

What are your favourite stoner songs for 420? Let us know in the comments!



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