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6 TikTokers to watch while stoned


Tiktok has become an international phenomenon over the last few years and has no shortage of hilarious, creative, and entertaining creators producing fresh videos every day. It’s easy to find your niche, and the algorithm is happy to help, but one subculture that doesn’t get the love it deserves on yet another social media platform? Cannabis.

Despite Tiktok’s strict community guidelines, there are still creators finding ways to make great content for the stoners out there. Below, discover six must-know Tiktok stoners to follow and watch while high.

1. SativaDiva1997

Kadija, known as Sativa Diva on the Tok. Kadija has a long-running series (over 50 episodes!) called Baked Takes where they present the kind of themes only someone who’s smoking that good shit can come up with. Videos always begin with the line, “Welcome to Baked Takes, the series where I, your host, gets too baked, and evaluates…” and the theme varies from there. Some examples from this series include –

  • Which Squid Game characters could defeat them in a go cart race
  • Which Addams Family character they would trust to find food and shelter while stranded on a deserted island
  • Which characters from A Goofy Movie they would want as their partner in a trust fall exercise

Not only is their series hysterical and the perfect content for watching after getting on the same level with a good joint, but it holds the title as one of the most consistent and longest-lasting stonertok series on the app. Kadija also makes plenty of other great engaging content, so there is sure to be no shortage of entertainment as one of their followers.

2. Que.Faded

A self-proclaimed “vegan stoner who loves to cook” and the “CEO of telling you it’s time to smoke,” Que Faded has a Tiktok that’s dedicated to the stoners of the world. Living up to his title as CEO, the bulk of his content is reminders that it’s time to smoke. It’s sort of like the cannabis version of those, “Hey, you’ve been scrolling way too long!” videos we all dread seeing, except in this version, a friendly face is suggesting we take a break to toke up.

Lately, Que Faded has been mixing it up with funny, cannabis content that’s interspersed with shots of nature, good food, and 420-friendly life hacks, like getting labels off the glass jars we’re all hoarding. We love to see him mix it up; keep it coming! He even has a TikTok featuring cannabis icon Tommy Chong.

3. CheechandChong

Speaking of Tommy Chong, have we mentioned you can find him and fellow icon Cheech on Tiktok too? That’s right, the duo is back together to create cannabis content in their Golden Years that is giving us all nostalgia.

With superb editing, lip syncing, and even some cracks at dancing, it’s a delight to see Cheech and Chong diving into all things TikTok. They have videos reflecting on their over 50 years of friendship, classic Cheech and Chong skits sitting in hot boxed cars, lip syncing videos of relatable stoner moments, skits with family, and more. Scrolling through their TikTok is entertaining and happily familiar, like visiting an old friend and getting stoned together.


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4. ShadesofSyd

Looking for a cannabis centered account with feel good vibes? You’ve come to the right place. Syd’s page introduces herself with wishes for ‘peace and blessings’ and to ‘come vibe’ with her, and that’s exactly what followers are in for. Her page has plenty of creative cannabis content, with funny skits personifying cannabinoids like THC and CBD, dealing with family who don’t get the stoner life, and barely coping when the dispensary is out of your favorite strain.

She doesn’t stop there though. Syd also has videos encouraging and showing participation in #canna4climate, an environmental cleanup held in April, the day after 420 and the day before Earth day. In her video, Syd says #canna4climate is, “all about showing the world that we stoners, we care about the environment, we care about what happens, we actually have big ass hearts.”

Syd also extends that big heart to her followers, with heartfelt videos encouraging anyone struggling to keep going. There’s a little bit of everything here for the cannabis community, and all of it is feel-good vibes for sure.

5. IndohGoddess

Are you a cannamom looking for your side of TikTok? Welcome to IndohGoddess TikTok. This creator makes tons of funny cannabis content for all scenarios but includes plenty of parent-specific content.

With skits about having to choose between a smoke break or being productive when the kids are down for a nap, or how she’ll react hearing the tell-tale signs of a grinder tapping when the kids are teens one day, or dealing with parental stress with some good weed – IndohGoddess is funny, relatable, and is making other cannamoms feel seen.

Beyond that, the rest of her content speaks to all stoners – like the urge to get high and go paint on the beach, or a funny, groovy dance video illustrating what it feels like to have your attitude float away after you toke.


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6. BraincellBandit

You know how sometimes when you’re stoned you don’t wanna talk, all you wanna do is laugh? Well that’s kind of BraincellBandit’s thing. He doesn’t speak in his videos, but instead makes excellent use of popular sounds and captions or lip syncing to make us laugh, shake our head,s and nod in agreement at his great stoner humor.

With such a wide library of cannabis content TikToks, you have to be amazed at how he keeps coming up with ideas. You can easily spend hours blazed and scrolling on his page, and every other one is so damn relevant, you can’t help but to share with your friends.

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