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6 Easy Hacks To Rehydrate Your Cannabis


6 Easy Hacks To Rehydrate Your Cannabis

Did you come across an old supply of cannabis? Or the residue of your cannabis is dry and hurting your lungs? This often happens when cannabis cultivated in high humid regions and then get dry in arid region. But it can also happen if not sealed properly in a container and left out.


There is no fun smoking dry weed, and no one enjoys the dehydrated flower. Its health benefits may also distort with lack of humidity.


But there are ways to rehydrate your cannabis and infuse some moisture into your old stash and there are ways of to prevent your stash from getting dehydrated in the first place.

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Fresh Cannabis Flowers


This is obvious but the best way to avoid a dry cannabis is to purchase fresh product in the first place and smoke it before it dries.  But your fresh cannabis can help rehydrate your old cannabis. If you’re a grower, then this is your best option. Get some fresh buds, and they are the best ways to rehydrate your dried-out cannabis. You can online store to get cheap weed in canada. Looking to get some fresh bud for this purpose, you can order now from the best weed dispensary.


This method has worked in the past for many users. Get your dry cannabis sealed in the same jar with the new harvest. Wait and observe your dehydrated stash become fresh again. Check the container to see how wet it is becoming.


Distilled water


Distilled water is another effective method to rehydrate your stash. The water has no impurities or chemicals to pollute your weed. Note, you can use distilled water for any of the approaches described below. Get your distilled water, a towel, and a container with a seal. The substance and the tower should fit appropriately in the container without touching each other.


Sprinkle distilled water on the towel to wet it a little. Be careful about the quantity of water you use to prevent the weed from getting mold. Unseal the container place the stash and paper towel inside the glass jar. Seal the container and make sure it’s airtight. Observed it for 10 to 12 hours.


The method gradually rehydrates your dried-out stash. It is practical and can be repeated many times to get the desired wet weed. Be careful to avoid pouring water on the stash, which may cause mold.



Fruit peel


Fruit peel is superficial and used by many people at home. The method rehydrates your stash and also changes the aroma. You can use common fruits like citrus, banana, apple, or watermelon peels. Remember, the fruit stored with the bud is the flavor or aroma you’re expecting to get. You can widen your choices with:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Pear
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Cherry
  • Grape


Take a peel from the fruit and store it with the weed. Seal the jar as usual and leave it for 2 to 3 days. Observe the bud because they may become smokable before the predicted days. It is recommended you change the peels every few days to prevent fungal or rots.



Lettuce Or Moist Bread Or A Damp Paper Method


Lettuce is a plant with 96% water making it an efficient and effective method for rehydration. The technique is similar to the fruit peel. Cut a lettuce and store it with the bud in an airtight glass jar. It is a really efficient process and can rehydrate your weed in 3 hours to make it smokable.


The bread method is a tricky type. Get a piece of bread sprinkle water to moist the bread a little. Put it in the same glass jar with your stash and seal the container. In 2 hours, the weed may have absorbed the moisture from the piece of bread. You can repeat the process to get the desired result.


Get a damped paper and place it in the same container with your buds. Make sure they can’t touch each other in the process otherwise the damped paper may get your bud too wet and you risk developing mold.  The trick prevents the moisture from touching the bud until the bud becomes smokable.


Humidity packs


Humidity packs are a great product to maintain or introduce moisture to your dried-out buds. The general relative humidity of cannabis is 62% RH, and that’s what these packs are made of. The pack gradually introduces moisture to bud stored in the same container.


Purchase a portable and adequate pack for the amount of stash to be stored. The pack’s lifespan depends on the existing moisture in the bud and the quantity of cannabis.


Hot Vapor


This method is perfect for those in a hurry. Are you late for work or social activity, and your buds are dry? Get a kettle, fill it with water and boil it up. Pour the water into a jar and cover it with a towel. Place your stash on the towel for some minutes, and the hot steam will make your stash smokable with the rising moisture. Switch the sides of the stash to let the moisture get in every part.


A dried-out stash simply hurts the throat and the lungs. The reason for moistening your stash is to make it more fabulous and improve your enjoyment. You can look into other ways to do this; some methods may be easily accessible in your region. Just avoid getting your weed wet to prevent mold.



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