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5 Things You Should Look for When Buying a Dab Rig Kit


how to pick a dab rig

Getting into dabs could be your option if you really want to delve deeper into your marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD) consumption. But what exactly does it involve? 


Dabbing is a more advanced form of smoking marijuana or CBD concentrates. The dabbing process requires you to get a dab rig and its accessory kits to get started. 


The first step to knowing what to look out for when buying a dab rig kit is to understand what it looks like and what it consists of. A dab rig kit contains a dab rig, a nail, and a blow torch. Some kits also include other accessories. 


The dab rig is the component used for smoking the concentrates of choice. On the other hand, the blow torch is used to heat the nail while the nail is the part of the rig that heats up. 


The other accessories included in some kits include a downstem, a dome, or a dome with a downstem. These are other components that will make the dabbing process more straightforward and convenient. Check here at for more information.


However, finding the best dab rig for you may be overwhelming, especially for a beginner. To help you with this, here are five things to look for when buying a dab rig kit:



When purchasing a dab rig kit, one of the first things to look out for is quality. Don’t just rush out and purchase a dab rig just because it’s cheap. If it’s low quality, it may break after a single drop or have cracks due to the heat. The base of a quality dab rig comes in good borosilicate glass that can withstand thermal shock. 


In addition, the dab nail must also be of high quality. Since this is the part that will be heated, you want to ensure that it’s made with material that can withstand heat. These materials include ceramic, quartz, and titanium. This way, you can heat your dab nail to a temperature that will vaporize your concentrates quickly.



Dab rigs are available in a wide variety of styles. Therefore, you should determine which one is best for you. Some are really simple yet functional, while some come in a different style. Make sure your choice suits your needs. 


For instance, if you need something you can carry about, you may want to go for the mini dab rig as it’s very portable. It doesn’t come with extra bells or whistles but would suit your needs perfectly. 


However, suppose you’re in search of something fancy. In that case, there are colorful and stylish dab rigs such as the Unity Rig or Space Blazer Rig that will make each of your dabs hit perfectly and smoothly.



You don’t want to get a dab rig kit that will usher you into debt. Even after streamlining your choices down to what you really need, they still come in a wide range of prices. Therefore, it’s important that you pick something that suits your needs and still fits into your budget. 


Luckily, many affordable dab rig kits can give you an ecstatic dabbing experience. Just make sure that you don’t trade quality for affordability.



Some kits are specifically for dabbing concentrates. However, there are other kits that are a combination of bong and dab. These combo kits can use both cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates. 


With these kits, you can switch your glass bowl for a quartz banger as often as you want. Therefore, if you’re a lover of weed and its extracts, you may want to smoke and dab with the same device. This combo would be the best option for you.



One of the purposes of using a dab rig kit in the first place is to make the dabbing experience easier. Therefore, the dab rig kit you should purchase must be easy to use. This includes all parts being in one place and it should be easy to put together or dismantle. 


Moreover, the mechanism for heating the nail must be straightforward so that you can enjoy your concentrates immediately. Thus, a significant factor you should consider before purchasing that dab rig kit is how easy it is to use.


Types Of Dab Kits


When you shop for dab kits, you’ll find a variety of dab rig kits. It’s essential to understand their specifications in order to guide you on which to purchase. However, each kit has its pros and cons but gives you different options on how you want to enjoy your dabbing experience.



There’s the basic dab kit that has all you need to enjoy your concentrates. The basic kit consists of a dab rig, a dabber, and a quartz banger. 


With basic dab kits, you get everything you need to enjoy the experience without making any extra purchases. This option is best for a beginner who wants to have everything in one kit.



If you’re bored of the basics and need something that gives you more comprehensive options, you could go for the advanced kits. This consists of a dab rig, a dabber, a quartz banger, and accessories like a carb cap or glass jar. With advanced kits, you’ll get the most out of dabbing.



Glass kits are reputable for having premium quality. This makes them the holy grail of dab rig kits. Other advantages include its non-porous nature. In addition, it’s very easy to clean. You could go for the glass dab kits if you can afford them.




You should consider getting the other accessories that can make your dabbing experience easier and of premium quality. These tips will help you buy the perfect dab rig kit for you. 


However, you have to be careful while dabbing. This option is much more potent than other methods like smoking or vaping. Responsibility is key to having a great dabbing experience.






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