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3 Easy Ways to Start Growing Magic Mushrooms at Home (DIY)


magic mushrooms at home growing

Most people hear the term “magic mushrooms” and conclude that the process of growing mushrooms at home would be highly complex. They’re wrong!


Nothing is ever really difficult. Growing magic mushrooms in home gardens is not an overly complex process. There are different growing methods to use, and you only have to select the one that works best for you. Sure, some ways are harder than the rest. However, with time and experience, even the most advanced methods will appear simple.


We’ll be considering three different methods of growing magic mushrooms. Once you’re done with this piece, I guarantee you’ll have the perfect idea of how to produce big, healthy flushes of mushrooms.


Growing magic mushrooms at home

can be found naturally in Europe during winter and autumn. No other region in the world has an abundant supply of magic mushrooms like Europe. In fact, they are very hard to come by in other places aside from Europe.

If you stay far away from Europe and you would like a ready supply of magic mushrooms, then it’s time to take to enter a new phase of magic mushroom cultivation. It sounds too good to be true, right?


Well, the steps for growing magic mushrooms are very straightforward and accessible.


Methods for Growing Magic Mushrooms As you read on, you’ll discover

three methods of mushroom cultivation. The techniques here are ranked from the easiest to the most advanced.


Before you can begin anything at all, you need a sterile workplace. Mushroom cultivation is a sensitive production, and a sterile environment is very vital to the success of the project. Make sure everything in your space is clean and hospitable to ensure that the mushrooms won’t be outcompeted in the space. The best ways to lower the risk of contamination include wiping down all the work surfaces with sterilizers or isopropyl alcohol. You could also cover the space with plastic sheeting.



Magic mushroom grow kits can be purchased online or in-plant shops. These grow kits are a quick and straightforward way to cultivate mushrooms on a large scale at home. This method is the least challenging.


Things you need

  • grow kit

  • latex gloves.

  • Heat guard or mat.

  • Hygrometer


A grow kit comes with a colonized mushroom substrate and an appropriate container. It also includes instructions on the steps to take to achieve a bountiful harvest.


This method eliminated the most challenging step in mushroom cultivation, which is sourcing a fully uncontaminated, colonized substrate. Once you get your grow kit, you can work by following the instructions within. There are different brands of grow kits, and some tend to have special instructions. However, the general process with a grow kit involves exposing the substrate to a tiny amount of water and air to activate the fruiting phase.


Your growing mushrooms need to be kept in a humid area with air exchange scheduled daily.


Grow Kit’s Advantages

This method is best for growing large amounts of mushrooms in a short period. It requires the least effort and, if all instructions are followed, the harvests are always premium. Although grow kits cost a bit, the yields are substantial enough to give you your money’s worth of memorable highs.


The grow kit is, frankly, an amazing method. Unless you desire to master other techniques, it’s best you stick with the grow kit.



Method 2: USING PF TEK

The PF The Tek technique is a beginner’s guide to the proper cultivation of magic mushrooms. It is also straight and less technical. However, you’d still have to put in the work. With this method, you can achieve a reasonable yield at home while maintaining a hands-on approach.


Things you need

  • Jars

  • Pressure cooker

  • Brown rice flour.

  • Large plastic container

  • Vermiculite

  • Mushroom spores


All of these can be purchased at gardening stores. You may need to visit a professional to buy mushroom spores.


In this method, creating your substrate will be up to you. This can be done simply by mixing the vermiculite and brown rice flour in a jar. Make sure the jars are sterilized before injecting your spores into the mixture. All that’s left to do now is wait while the spores begin to colonize the substrate. Once fully colonized, transfer the cake of formed pins (young shrooms) to a fruiting chamber and watch them grow into mature shrooms.


Advantages of PF TEK

This is a less complicated way of learning about growing mushrooms from scratch. It is also the most reliable. To be successful with PF Tek, you must be willing to exercise patience as the entire process takes time. At the end of the process, when you have your fully mature magic mushrooms, you’ll be elated and satisfied with your new cultivation skills.



This is by far the most advanced method of cultivating magic mushrooms. The Spawn and Bulk substrate methods require a level of expertise to pull off. Unlike the PF Tek, this method is guaranteed to give you huge harvests of magic mushrooms.


Things you need


This process is technical but easy to understand. First, you create your spawn, add the spawn to the substrate for the bulk growth, maintain optimal conditions to ensure the spawn colonizes the substrate, and transfer it to your fruiting chamber.

In some weeks, you’d witness the beautiful sight of large flushes of magic mushrooms.


Advantages of Spawn & Bulk Substrate

The primary reason why this method is favored is because of its guaranteed bulk yield. This method has been tested and proven by many growers to produce bulk quantities of mushrooms. You can arm yourself with the knowledge of producing an ample supply of shrooms if you have patience, space, and the resources to invest in.



Mushroom cultivation is something anyone can try out. Based on your level of commitment, you can easily select one of the above methods to grow your flush of magic mushrooms.


All you need to know is that whatever method you complete, you’ll get at least a bunch of mushrooms to get trippy with.


You can find more information on magic mushroom cultivation on the internet.









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