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25 Amazing Homemade Bongs For An Epic Session


    • A plastic straw is not a good replacement for a pipe – it’s too weak and the plastic gives off harmful fumes
    • Aluminum foil is not a good idea for a bowl – as with plastic, aluminum gives off harmful vapors when being burned – it’s known to hurt your throat and damage lungs and sometimes worse
    • Avoid fruits that are juicy or mushy, except in a dire pinch.
        • Oranges and kiwis may be too juicy to get the proper toking efficiency
      • Bananas are too mushy in consistency and don’t always react well to flame
  • Avoid tape and similar types of adhesives when possible because of the harmful vapors they can put out when heated

If You Seem to Find Yourself

Frequently Making DIY Bongs,

Here Are Some Basics

To Keep around the House

To prevent stress from a bong mishap, especially if you it seems to happen frequently during your seshes, why not keep a few basics around the house? You’ll always be prepared and be ready for anything.

For example, once you finish a ballpoint pen (or it gets low on ink), keep it around. This will ensure you always have enough tube materials lying around. You can even share with your BFFs.

Aluminum foil, despite the risks, is handy for connecting pieces of the homemade device. However, as we mentioned above, do your best not to use foil as a bowl.

Toothpicks are great for constructing a screen, especially on a fruit bong.

Seasonal fruit – watermelons, cantaloupes, and melons in the summer and pumpkin or large Asian pears in fall and winter – are always good to carry in the fridge, just in case. Year-round staples include carrots, bell peppers, and apples – keep all three handy for makeshift bongs in addition to their health benefits.

While recycling is the best thing for plastic bottles, it’s hard to beat a different version recycling plastic bottles and going “green”: save the bottles for those “no-bong” emergencies.

Even if you don’t have this type of sweet tooth, keeping some sticky, chewy candy such as gum or soft sour candies is strongly suggested. In addition to being chewed while you concentrate on constructing your marijuana masterpiece, a piece of gum or Starburst is also an excellent adhesive for a makeshift bong.

Finally, peanut butter is also great as a sealant.

Now, let’s take a look at some homemade bongs that will have you shaking your head in either wonder or concern.


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