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24K Gold Blunt Wraps Review & 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers


Name/Type: 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers


Rating: 4/5


So we got this cool gift package from Shine Papers sent to us a few weeks ago. It included a few different versions of their papers. This review is specifically about the 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K Gold Rolling Papers but I would highly encourage you to check out other stuff like their cones and “The Benjamins” tattooed blunts.

So let’s get down to it. This is papers and blunts made of edible gold. When I first heard about these I wondered if this was something that it is safe to smoke but I’ve been assured that it has been tested.

Personal Comments:

The Papers were awesome. Very smooth. If you can roll a joint, you can roll these.

I didn’t really like the blunts so much. Felt like they just took a wrap and places gold on it. I would say the papers felt more like they were made with the gold itself.


I would recommend these for a party or someone who wants to impress for a one time meeting or something along those lines. I couldn’t see myself smoking these everyday and with a bit of a hefty price tag for papers, they are definitely geared towards lux life smokers. Have a sash with a high profile rapper? These are for you! There is a time and a place for everything so use these when you want to impress.


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