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1st Adult Spelling Bee | Thee High Ladies Podcast

Hey hey hey yall Thee High Ladies are back and bringing you a whole exciting game…Adult Spelling Bee. We decided to switch it up this week and throw in a fun interactive game and decided that a spelling bee was the way to go. Thee High Lady and Blac CAN NOT spell so we also brought in a guest (Kayla) to join us in our shenanigans. Throughout this episode we alternated between easy and hard words between us…check out who won the 1st ever High Ladies Adult Spelling Bee.

As the title suggest this podcast includes a “high” element. Each discussion episode will showcase a different edible brand and/or alcohol brand that the podcasters have taken right before the start of the show. The podcasters will give their honest review of the product(s) and recommend or not recommend said product. It is important to know that the podcast is done in the state of California were taking the THC/CBD substances are legal. “High Ladies Podcast” and participates do not endorse anyone to consume these substances if you are underage and/or in a state or country were this is illegal.
Edible Brand used in this Episode: Plus Strains (Pineapple Express)- Hybrid
Overall Rate: 20/10
Flavor: Can taste a hint of the cannabis but the flavor of pineapple is on point
High: This was great, I felt very much alive and animated but also mellow later on when I needed to sleep (I took 2 5mg gummies)


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