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15 Exotic Weed Strains Of California Marijuana


California is the home of some of the most exotic strains of weed that marijuana lovers can get their hands on. Once upon a time, you had to travel to the coffee shops of Amsterdam to taste, smell or smoke the finest weed. But since California’s cannabis legalization, growers have been right on point. There must be something special in the soil in California that makes it the perfect place to grow some of the most beautiful buds that we have the privilege of smoking (or whatever ways to smoke weed you use).

So what makes a strain of weed exotic? We think it has to do with more than just making you high. We are so far past the days of smoking whatever skunk the dealer has to offer. With dispensaries all over the country and people literally dedicating their lives to growing the dopest dope on the market, we have more to enjoy than just getting stoned. Delicious and exotic weed is tasty, has a unique smell and can even have a unique aesthetic.

A marijuana connoisseur knows that the flavor and smell of the weed are equal in importance to its strength (although, sometimes they want to know how to get rid of weed smell…). Weed can even be a tactile experience when you think about it. I know that I love to get my fingers sticky by finger chopping and letting the aromas seep out of the bud and let the cannabis on my skin. Weed is a completely sensory experience, and the most exotic strains of weed are those that completely excite the senses. This is a list of some of best California’s finest buds in all of the ways that make a strain of weed an exotic user experience.


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