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10 Best Tasting Marijuana Strains for Your Harvest!


There are plenty of criteria for choosing your favorite or best tasting strains. Some care most about the yield or ease of growing. Others are flavor connoisseurs, looking for the strains with the richest aromas and most diverse flavor profile. If you’re the latter, here’s a list of the best tasting strains to grow.

About Best Tasting Marijuana Strains

How Does Cannabis Get Its Flavor? 

All cannabis has a uniquely beautiful aroma. But have you ever wondered where the wide variety of cannabis smells come from? If so, read on! The cannabis plant contains hundreds of active compounds, some of which you may already know, like the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Less widely known are aromatic compounds called terpenes. They are responsible for the more popular aroma and flavors in weed. If your favorite strain has a skunky or lemony smell, a piney aftertaste, or leaves a spicy feeling on your lips, you have terpenes to thank for this. 

Even less well-known than terpenes are a group of cannabis compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids are in most plants, including fruits and vegetables, and are primarily responsible for giving them their different colors, scents, and flavors.

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What are Terpenes and How Do They Affect Cannabis Flavor? 

Think of the sharp but calming smell of a forest or the energizing breeze in an orange grove. These distinct smells are the effect of the terpenes found in plants, including weed. 

  • Alpha-pinene iis found in pines and rosemary and gives some strains a piney scent. 
  • Myrcene is what gives marijuana its characteristic skunk smell. 
  • Limonene, which is also in citrus, has a strong lemony fragrance. 
  • Beta-caryophyllene has a spicy smell, reminiscent of cloves or black pepper. 

These terpenes, along with others, combine to give your favorite strains their distinct flavor. 

Top 10 Best-Tasting Marijuana Strains

Strawberry Cough Strain

Despite its name, this strain’s dominant characteristic isn’t the cough; it’s the sweet smell of ripe strawberries, with just a hint of vanilla underneath. Users will also detect a bit of skunk that grounds the smell and flavor of this popular strain. Perfect for those seeking a mellow, slow-acting high, Strawberry Cough, and its 18% THC content, can creep up on you.

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Blueberry Strain

Another great fruity tasting strain is Blueberry, parent to Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, and Blue Cookies. Appropriately named, one toke of this classic will leave you thinking of plump, sweet berries. Right away, you’ll notice fruity notes, giving way to more subtle earthly and pine scents. The taste is incandescent–a delightful mix of blueberry and vanilla. 

Expect a euphoric and happy high from this relaxing and sometimes sleep-inducing strain. 

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Blue Dream Strain

Speaking of Blue Dream, it deserves a place of its own on this list of best-tasting marijuana strains. With a sweet aroma reminiscent of its parent Blueberry, this hybrid offers pine and spice hints to balance out its sweetness. 

Blue Dream’s long-lasting effects make it popular for both seasoned and inexperienced growers. It’s a great daytime strain for those who need a calm high with a clear mind. 

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream Strain

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Tangie Strain

Tangie is a delightfully citrusy strain that’s easy to identify once you’ve experienced it. Just opening a jar fills the room with smells of fresh tangerines and just a hint of skunk. The taste matches the smell and more than earns its place on this list of the best-tasting cannabis strains. 

Get ready for some potency, with THC levels between 19-22%. You’ll notice Tangie’s effects right away, with a euphoric and energizing high. 

Tangie Strain
Tangie Strain

Super Lemon Haze Strain

Super Lemon Haze is a citrusy dream. With a flavor redolent of lemon candies, its sweet and zesty taste comes through strongly. Known to linger, expect its refreshing aroma to leave behind hints of earthiness and pine once the initial fruitiness has worn off. 

As you might expect, Super Lemon Haze is all about the energetic high, making it a great daytime smoke. 

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Pineapple Haze

The sweet, tropical flavors of Pineapple Haze mix together with hints of earthy pine to create an unforgettable aroma and taste. Pay attention, and you may even catch some subtle floral nuances and a slight skunkiness. 

While its flavor profile may be complicated, the effects are anything but. Pineapple Haze is all about the upbeat energy, with a slight body buzz that allows you to go about your day. 

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If you like sweet, tropical strains, Bubblegum is for you. With a mouthwatering smoke that tastes like creamy berry-flavored candies and a fruity aftertaste, Bubblegum is an excellent strain for smokers who prefer sweeter flavor profiles. 

Its well balanced and euphoric high combines with pain-relieving effects, making it a great daytime smoke for those with chronic headaches or muscle spasms. 

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Durban Poison

When you first open it, Durban Poison fills the room with a spicy, citrusy aroma that smells a bit like black licorice. The smoke starts with a strong hit of pine but fades nicely into a subtle earthy smell and flavor. Durban Poison is energizing and uplifting, with a clear-headed cerebral effect. 

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Super Silver Haze 

Super Silver Haze is an aromatic dream, filling the room with whiffs of lemon, with some spicy floral notes underneath. Once you get over the mouthwatering smell, you’ll appreciate its earthier take on the stereotypical Sativa taste of sharp citrus. 

As expected, Super Silver Haze provides an upbeat and energetic high but takes a little longer to move through the system, making it ideal for a long-lasting daytime strain. 

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No list of the best tasting cannabis strains would be complete without Zkittlez. Fruity and tropical, just like the candy, this strain packs a strong flavor punch. You’ll also notice tangy and herbal notes underneath its initial sweet citrus profile. 

The tropical vibes carry through to its effects, with this high-THC (23%) strain lending the relaxed but happy feelings of the best beach vacations.

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Tips for Maximizing the Taste and Smell of Your Marijuana Plants

Whatever strain you choose; you can do your own part in maximizing its taste and smell by taking care to increase its terpenes while growing. 

  1. Consider genetics. High-quality strains lead to high-fragrance strains, so don’t skimp when buying your seeds. 
  1. Train your plants to develop more terpenes using low-stress training. This produces more trichomes. You can also try exposing your plants to colder temperatures at night. Whatever method you choose, watch your plants closely to ensure they aren’t overly stressed. 
  1. Ensure the best-tasting marijuana strains by proper harvesting and curing methods. Don’t wait too long before harvesting your plants, as doing so can cause their trichomes to break down. Once you do harvest, be gentle when handling the buds. Cure carefully and correctly. 

Taken together, these tips will yield the best tasting weed! 

Practice and learning are all it takes to grow marijuana like a pro! Our blog will help answer all your growing questions.

FAQs About Best-Tasting Strains

Can cannabis flavor differ from cannabis smell?

It’s common to confuse aroma, taste, and flavor, as they are so connected, but they are distinctly different experiences. Aroma refers to the sense of smell, which is processed through the nose and at the back of the mouth. Taste is experienced by the tongue, which reports sensations like sweetness, sourness, and bitterness. The combination of aroma and taste results in a strain’s flavor. 

What’s the best way to experience the most flavor?

To get the best flavor from your weed, avoid pipes and joints. Instead, opt for vaping, which uses highly potent distillate and lower temperatures to preserve the terpenes destroyed by smoking. 

How can I learn to grow the best-tasting weed?

Like any topic, this list can’t cover everything. For more information on how to grow the best tasting weed strains, download our Grow Bible

What are the most flavorful marijuana strains you’ve tried so far? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Happy growing!



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