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🗣️New Product In‼️ Reviewing Millio's Classic T H C Syrup…. 5/5 Product 🔥💨

Today we are reviewing Millio’s Classic T H C Syrup. The effects were very calming mentally, I would recommend this if you have anxiety or depression. Also pour up based on your tolerance, I wouldn’t recommend pouring the amount I did and going out the crib , now if you pour a line or two of it , you should be cool but I love this product and I will be getting more. Watch the review for more information😄 #rollrelaxrepeat #Millios #THCreview

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CBD hemp Flower is Legal in the United States under the farm bill act.

This video is me giving MY opinion on Legal flower/cannabis/CBD or THC products, I do not promote the use/sell of illegal substances. If you are under the age of 21 you gotta Skidoddle!!


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